Last Days Part Four [iP5ed11]

The demonicrats have no legitimate voice regarding any promoted policies of the Trump Administration. All their actions to date are in bad faith and until this ‘Impeachment Scam’ is reconciled there’s no validity to demonicratic pronouncements regarding anything; and as far as the facts go they are suspect as complicit with any ‘events’ such as occurred in Iraq against the U.S. diplomatic mission.

The Propaganda Target is the Public Mindset which is cultivated to form a social political chaos of mindlessly irrational public opinions steeped with human emotional reactions to any real news or factual issues. Strategic polling shows just how insanely twisted these cultivated demographics can be – and the critical question is – how can fact based, sane and logical thinking be ‘restored’ to ‘The People’ so that a legitimate democratic process can proceed in 2020? The CNN MSM ‘Google’ [DS] Propaganda Machine must be fully exposed, shut down and replaced with real news and information services in the public interest.

If it’s head-boarded in the CNN MSM NYT WaPo Mockingbird Fake News – it was planned, scripted and orchestrated by the [DS]. That’s a given. These events are deliberately staged to be reported in order to influence and control the public mindset. This is the “State of the Art” Propaganda Today. The question is how is exposure going to happen if the [DS] Fake News controls the public media? This is the critical point of “Info Wars” – who is controlling the corporate mass media complex? How are these [DS] controllers going to be shut down?

The DNC partisans involved in this perpetuated impeachment and voter fraud know full well what “they” have done; know what “they” are doing, know their own lies and treason, and know what “they” are covering up. We know and now it’s time for the American People to know what “they” know! It’s time for some forensic Revelations in a Constitutional Court with all legal due process. Put all the cards on the table so that the American People can see the facts. Some “people” need to be locked up to prevent any further damage to the Republic!

This is the inter dimensional multi-media internet these days – the rule is “They are listening to you in real time” and “they” respond in kind, that is – if you are aware of it. Just assume “they” are listening in and be natural! You can talk to them in some vicarious way – maybe even wake some of “them” up. Amazing thing this internet as it’s becoming ever more integrated with the activities of the human race! This is a whole different game of ‘evolving’ human interaction. The whole thing is becoming sentient – “The Beast” as it is! We are feeding it! Anyway – just know that “they” are there, ever more present in real-time, and are listening in and responding.

It’s reported that Hunter Biden, the know nothing druggie, made 156 Million (taxpayer) Dollars laundered through Ukrainian proxies funneling U.S. Aid into the pockets of the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, the Pelosies, the Kerries, and the Romney’s etc. psycho-political offspring. These are ‘elitist’s’ inheritance schemes! That’s just one ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ of demonicratic corruption. Not only with the Ukraine but with China and many other international principals (‘proxies’). Time for a real investigation! With this exposure if Trump doesn’t win the 2020 presidential election Civil War is an inevitability!

An economic reformation to a Constitutional Currency based on a sound physical economy. Money [DS] styled is the most potent ‘occult’ magick spell ever devised by these satanic demons. It’s time to break this spell and return its power to our Sovereign Nation. Economies and financial systems are artificial devices that are controlled by artificial means which means that the system can be anything the powers that be make it to be. The current international monetary system is as psychopathological as its current vested interests. It can be changed if there is a concerted will to change it. It’s the enemies of humanity that need to be dealt with.

Going through second bout of a “flu” ? for this winter season. Heavy on after the previous fires. This one scrambles the mind – impossible to focus my thoughts …. hard to breathe ….. what is this new disease COPD epidemic now that’s raging in Kaiser’s Treatment Catalogue? I believe you! No accident. Wife spent over ten grand on co-payments for mostly ineffective treatments for this new boon for the health care industry! Huge profits to be made on this one!

I wonder what part George Soros played in the [DS] LSD-25 [CW] ’60s that threw the entire university system and academia along with the general social order of the day into a psychedelic mindset of philosophical chaos? He must have been on the Board of Sandoz Industries!

Here’s to a 2020 election year of DOJ revelations with a effective process for purging the [DS] psycho-political criminal influences along with their instruments [i.e. CNN MSM PBS] of public mass mind control that’s been systematically infiltrating (ever since JFK assassination) and which is now corrupting Constitutional due process along with its obstruction of the most critical issues facing American Society today. It’s time for Congress to be loyal to its sworn oath of allegiance to the spirit, integrity and sovereignty of the U.S. Constitutional Republic and the American People it is supposed to be serving and protecting.

Good that people are beginning to wake up to what Obama really represents – a psycho-pathological liar, an imposter fraud and covert ops traitor to all Americans – it’s time for a reckoning and to repair the damage that this psycho-political creature has wrought along with all the rest of his psycho-criminal [DS DNC] mob.

Filibuster with a train of fake witnesses – Pelosi just wants to drown the public media with this fraudulent spectacle for as long as she can obstruct the real business of state.

The Crown instrumented WW 1&2 and WW 3 was always its final geopolitical construction of the NWO. That’s been the plan now for centuries. One needs to zero in on the source of it – the quintessential “Third Party” occult (covert or hidden) instigations worldwide leading to conflicts between major and minor powers, religions and races. As long as the Crown holds its demonic power over this world there will be no stopping it.

Well you know we got to secure those poppy plantations – keep the heroine trafficking alive cause the masses need their fix. The backbone of the Crown’s opium war against human progress. Poppy Fields Forever…..

Doesn’t appear that the President is all that concerned about this demonicratic impeachment hoax. It’s a hoax as a matter of fact. It’s a coup perpetrated by psycho-political traitors. The history books are as they have been a Mississippi of Lies as a given. Whatever stratagem Pelosi is working is a sham representing a psycho-criminal conspiracy. Whatever Pelosi is doing is anti-constitutional period. What these demonicrats are doing, and it doesn’t appear there’s an IQ higher than 50 amongst any of them, is exposing themselves – that’s the key.

The Debt? What will make it go away is a Constitutional Act of Congress; but just look at the criminally corrupted Congress, especially the State of the demonicratic House – how would we ever expect that psycho-political body to act in some patriotically responsible, rational or logical way to effectively address the most critical issues within its business of state?

The Pelosi psycho-political mafia is a criminal as criminal gets. Question is how can she act ‘above the law’ and why isn’t she and her psycho-criminal mob – with their disgustingly seditious criminality – being prosecuted by a just higher authority? Looks like everyone in the Capital is compromised by their public deceptions; otherwise there’s no explanation for these Capital Hoaxers getting away with such obvious treason.

The Beast is Manifesting AI. 5G. Demonic Inspiration. Globalist Worldwide Mass Multi-Media VR Telecommunications Wireless 5G Networking with the Internet Control of Everything. NWO Trans-Humanist Mind Control of indoctrinated Human Mindsets of Current and Future generations. Instrument of Revelations.

The demonicrats will wait til everyone is away over the holidays and then stage (sneak) the vote…..

Geez I wonder if we are now witnessing the reality of a long term hidden agenda that’s utterly anti-Constitutional and anti-American from its very inception many generations ago. This is the ‘Face’ we see appearing in Congress today; an ugly face now being revealed for the [DS] monstrosity that it represents. Common Sense must recognize what’s really happening here, that is if any form of Common Sense is to prevail in a Congressional Mad-House now presenting us with this Impeachment Hoax; a scam that’s intended to undo the last Presidential Election. It’s a primitive play being performed by a cast with a chorus of some abysmally bad actors, not just the conspiring criminals that they are, but with the worst and most offensive ‘acting out’ one could imagine. America requires and deserves a much better Congress than the theatrical travesty ‘now playing’ before us.

Pelosi’s psycho-political mafia is as criminal as criminal gets. Question is: how is she so enabled to act out ‘above the law’ and why isn’t she and her psycho-criminal mob – with their obviously seditious criminality – being prosecuted by a just higher authority? Looks like everyone in the Capital is compromised by their public deceptions.

Re: Flynn Case. Pushing the [DS] swamp creatures to the make-break point. They’re all (what we can now obviously see) compromised at some level. You hit that level and the rest is cover-up. Let’s see what Judge Sullivan’s make break level is going to be!…. The obvious thing is Judge Sullivan is compromised.

Re: 2020 election. [if] No illegals voting, no dead people voting, no multiple voting, no underage voting, no felons voting, no rigged vote switching voting machines, no disposing of votes into dumpsters – [then] what could possibly go wrong with the 2020 vote right? Demonicrats have their cheating ways as we can clearly see!

SerialBrain2 presented the best definition of CLOWNS – being (through rite of Satanic worship) demonic possession of a human being which gives that being, whether politician or celebrity whatever, special occult powers to rule and exploit their fellow humans through the arts of deception and secrecy. Every demonic-rat so infected across their hegemonic system are CLOWNS. They are malevolent comic Crown jesters manipulating the common mindset through the ‘masks’ of their psycho-pathological theatrics. Demons are not human – they’re elemental ‘spells’ that infect, possess and psychologically corrupt human mindsets. The Time of Revelation is at hand!

Anyone who voted for Obama a decade or so ago must be at least 50-100 years behind the actual reality of these current times. But, there were no significant other choices so what the heck right? One needs to cut to the chase and focus the facts now being revealed – they are not new facts just previously obscured and unknown or unacknowledged facts to the majority public. The details of corruption are endless and one could spend an eternity discussing them – the critical point is a matter of focus on what the future is going to be – what meaningful existence individual human beings will have in the light of full disclosure. This is obviously the time of revelations because the technology is in place to inform the masses worldwide instantaneously with multi-media expositions. How will the individual human being react to or decide upon this informational overload?

A whole lot of people are going to be ‘redundant’ when this information is revealed – when full disclosure happens – will put a majority of the world populations in shock. Right now they’re just ‘asleep’ living in a trance state mindset. Question is what does all this mean to the average individual, like you or me? With the conventional mystery there we are preoccupied with ‘searching for the truth’ – but once you find it one’s personal life becomes seemingly insignificant – what becomes one’s purpose in a human life once you become aware of this bigger picture?

The Clintons are a psycho-criminal disease. But, they are not the top of this [DS] pyramid of power. I would say beholding to the Crown as of old still today – the ‘Royal Deception’ and its perennial agenda of worldwide exploitation. We are living in a ‘multidimensional society’ with elitist compartmentalizations operating above and beyond the common laws of the land.

Impeachment is not just flimsy – it’s totally bogus. Utterly fraudulent. The demonicratic principalities are the criminals with the overwhelming evidence against them – but hey they hold the House Intel and Judiciary Committees and they are using their self-assumed ‘abuse of power’ to run cover by ‘projection distraction’ and abject obstruction of Constitutional Due Process as well as obstructing the Critical Business of State. They never thought HRC would lose but she did! Now who should we be investigating here?

These ‘victims’ are psychologically disturbed – literally. They don’t hate Trump – they haven’t a clue who or what Trump is. They are delusional victims, as you said, of the fake news media – these emotional caricatures are creatures of their own mental state as it has been fostered from cradle to grave through modern education university curriculum and the corporate mass media. They have no idea of what has been done to them! They are self-delusional attention seekers obviously gone insane.

Pushing the [DS] swamp creatures to the make-break point. They’re all (what we can now obviously see) compromised at some level. You hit that level and the rest is cover-up. Let’s see what AG Barr’s make break level is going to be!….

Can’t stand this mockingbird [BS] – turned the TV and Radio off 50 years ago. Waiting for the rest of America to wake up to see what this MSM jig is. We need a stronger union and an impenetrable southern border wall as that’s where America is hemorrhaging its future.

Greta is a geopolitical prop. A child drama queen playing to preadolescent mentalities both young and old. Playing to the psycho-emotional insanity of self-delusional human beings. She is a cultivated stratagem of the leftist mindset….. a trick.

Like everything we witness in the [MSM] mass mindless mockingbird media today – it’s demonicratic ‘projection’ – Russia is not the Enemy of the U.S. Constitutional Republic but rather this demonicratic anti-constitutional Globalist [Crown] socialist agenda that has been working insidiously to deconstruct America and replace it with a neo-feudalistic corporatocracy [NFC] that ‘mind controls’ and ‘brainwashes’ the world population from cradle to grave under the guise or ‘rubric’ of a socialist ‘pseudo-democracy’ expressed in a socialized madhouse of consumerist ‘identity’ psycho-politics. This is the real Enemy of the State; as well as the real enemy of all traditional ‘Nation State’ Constitutional sovereignty.

Embracing the ‘Bigger Picture’ of forensic facts devoid of any manipulative media deception – as in “how do we acquire experiential information?” from which our sense of opinionated understanding is derived? Or are we just methodically being mentally “programmed” by a hegemonic authoritarian system to simply believe in whatever the “Establishment Media” proclaims and characterizes as the factual reality (when it most assuredly is not) because we are being indoctrinated and mind controlled by the whole hegemonic lot? Taking a comprehensive look at what we are witnessing today in the ‘establishment mass media and public education’ in light of forensic facts and through the lens of scientific methodologies plus all of the hidden facts behind the curtain of ‘Secrets of State’ with intuitively logical speculations and common sense – one must view this political orchestration in Congress and ‘In the Streets’ as significantly contrived by whatever ‘Enigmatic Powers that Be’ who ‘Stage Direct’ their fabricated agenda of human events as we are indoctrinated to imagine it. We know that the Establishment’s ‘official’ history is a ‘Mississippi of Lies’ in the face of any genuine forensic study of historic facts. The World and its place in the Universe is a much different ‘Truth’ than this psycho-politically orchestrated ‘worldly’ pseudo-reality that [IT] insidiously projects into the human psyche. We must focus in on distinctly specific contests within the parameters of their projected mindsets – to be considered as battles won leading to a greater awakening because what is yet to be publicly revealed (as known to some) would overwhelming deconstruct the Established Order of Things [EOOT] and result in unfathomable social and political chaos. What’s happening currently is the working of this process. Can you imagine a world where being born a human person involves you in a lifelong educational process that genuinely reflects and embraces ‘The Bigger Picture’ of our Cosmos and the Reality and Purpose of our Human Species with its unique relationship to the Greater Universe of Consciousness? This is the real existential contest we find ourselves in today.

Should have taken Dan Bongino’s 24 hr rule yesterday! This is how IG Report hit the immediate fake news: In other words the ‘IG Report’ is just a pile of baloney – a tower of pseudo-official babble designed to confuse the public mind with nothing but gibberish nonsense. In any legal case of law it would be clearly in contempt of the court, but really it’s in contempt of the citizen’s common sense. Seriously but now the report in actual detail simply accounts for this great complexity of facts. It just presents the integrated findings simply to state their case as instrumentally as possible. The fake news rendered this as a ‘nothingburger’ – when in fact it is much more significant than that! See X22 coverage. Report is much more than a nothingburger! The demonicrats and fake news is pushing that meme. The report is very thorough for what it was intended and it reveals the complicities but leaves the motives for Durham as that’s a different jurisdiction. Actually the report is amazingly detailed…Obama Admin spied on many others example the culling the Officer’s Corp across the boards – others were literally assassinated.

I think the IG Report made that ‘no political bias’ because exposure of the obviously ‘politically biased’ demonicrats is as yet incomplete. It’s about pushing their psycho-political buttons. The CNN MSM Fake News Mockingbird Press Media is not done making a complete fool of themselves. More media spectacle is on the books…..

“Everyone” wants to get in on the demonicratic game mostly on an ’emotional’ impulse that cares not for the forensic facts – whatever storyline feeds their own drama of a self generated ‘soap opera’ (including mine!) – if the facts contradict their ‘motivations’ well then the real-world facts are irrelevant in their opinion. I am a researcher and I feed off of forensic facts – others feed off demonicratically orchestrated fake news stories. This is essentially the existential battle of our times. Truth or Fiction – choose your drug! What ever tickles your emotions. ‘Identity Politics’ is the toxin that destroys all human cultural ethical and moral precedents with ‘Rules for Radicals’ – Alinsky’s Squad et’al. I say – No thank you to these ‘MK-Ultra’ styled Mind Controlled little psychopaths. Forensic Facts bespeak Common Sense, Due Process and the Constitutional ‘Rule of Law’.

No one is above the law – except the demonicratic elite and mockingbird talking heads that is….. to the demonicrats ‘the law” is Nancy Pelosi’s ‘House’ demonicrats. What we should say is no one is above the Constitution and its Founding Principals except for God as it is clearly stated. Demons are not above the law as they worship rules for radicals and feel exceptionally entitled to make the law whatever they say it is…..

OCONUS Lures Spies and LARPs are the Political Theatrics of the current scene in the U.S. Congress. The whole affair is premeditatedly scripted on the fly with political action figures superimposed upon real-world figures who are painted as characters in the tactical script. The whole affair is then ‘acted out’ in the real-world – unbeknownst to the political targets involved who are led to believe that the characters in the plot are real. Then the whole thing is documented as an ‘official record’ and articles are leaked to the mockingbird press and fake news media presenting to the public as the actual affairs of state and ‘official history’. We are entering into the ‘Twilight Zone’ here! This is what is actually being done and how it’s being reported and discussed in the MSM [CNN] fake news on TV. Those psychopaths conspiring and who are orchestrating this [HRC / Obama et’al] (and their players) must be totally exposed! We can see how Hollywood celebs are literally role playing in this demonic orchestration. When you have all the ‘funny money’ in the world you can stage in real ‘live action’ what is being reported in the news; which is all that a majority of people will think they know something about. I made notice that highlighted HRC doing this when she was running the SD. This is apparently her political strategy ‘acting out’ today. They ‘create the movie’ and direct it as a movie script. Gaming and Role Playing orchestrated real life scenarios. The public is indoctrinated to understand that history is an ‘organic’ natural randomly evolving process reflective of the ‘natural’ state of human activity; but what we see here is artificial ‘psycho-politics’ with premeditated (planned), scripted and directed political theater represented as the business of state. In effect this is totally anti-constitutional yet all of these conspirators attest to an ‘Oath of Office’ in allegiance to the Constitution in the service of the citizens, the People and their Republican Nation State. We can clearly see now who and what the real enemy of our nation is, who they are specifically (as the character actors), how they think and what they are actually doing being the ‘Enemy Within’ the Nation’s gates.

As a witness to the past 3 years of Congressional activity one must wonder who is actually running the government of our country. Congress, especially the House, it’s fake news and social media mockingbirds appears to be predominantly a Crazy Circus of Evil – Miscreant Psycho Monkeys perpetually tripping on bad Acid. Quite Literally! There doesn’t appear to be an ounce of Common Sense or Constitutional sanity amongst them. So the question is: Who (or what) is actually running the country? Their performance over the past 3 years is a disgustingly bad joke from all public appearances. What kind of a future can any citizen make of this Congressional ‘Ship of Fools’? Corruption and criminality running amuck with no ‘Higher Authority’ for Justice to reign it in. Leaves a haunting suggestion that something utterly catastrophic is in the wind!

Should have taken Dan Bongino’s 24 hr rule yesterday! This is how IG Report hit the immediate fake news: In other words the ‘IG Report’ is just a pile of baloney – a tower of pseudo-official babble designed to confuse the public mind with nothing but gibberish nonsense. In any legal case of law it would be clearly in contempt of the court, but really it’s in contempt of the citizen’s common sense. Seriously but now the report in actual detail simply accounts for this great complexity of facts. It just presents the integrated findings simply to state their case as instrumentally as possible. The fake news rendered this as a ‘nothingburger’ – when in fact it is much more significant than that! See X22 coverage. Report is much more than a nothingburger! The demonicrats and fake news is pushing that meme. The report is very thorough for what it was intended and it reveals the complicities but leaves the motives for Durham as that’s a different jurisdiction. Actually the report is amazingly detailed…..

Adam Schiff, in true HRC party style, considers himself to be above the Constitutional Law of our Nation; but in reality is guilty of egregious criminal abuse of power and betrayal of the American People. Every one of these psycho-political criminals needs to be prosecuted by whatever ‘uncorrupted means’ of Congress and the Judiciary that remain available; and their crimes against America revealed for all Americans to see. That these criminal psychopaths have infiltrated into and hold some perverted sense of power over the House Legislature is a wake up call to all patriotic citizens. They are prosecuting their own crimes projected onto their hypothetical political opponents when in reality they are acting out everything within their self-assumed power to cover up for their own crimes against our Nation. This is precisely what “Draining the Swamp” means – purging this seditious corruption out of our government. End of Story…..!

Biden Projection case 101 personified! When will these psycho-political demons disappear? Malicious Madness motivated by psycho-criminal projection running for cover! That’s what you got with good ole lyin’ Joe…..

Nancy Pelosi must be peeing in her drawers! Four more years for real! Go DJT! But that’s only because there is no one else stepping forward with real solutions. The demonicrats are incomprehensible. Who else is there?

Good to see that you are keeping the Southern Border and Illegal Immigration crisis with its Drug, Sex and Human Trafficking in the spotlight. Seems this critical issue has been obscured by all the criminal insanity that’s going on with the ‘House Impeachment Scam’ and the President’s investigations into its psycho-criminal origins. All the while the border crisis is still ‘hemorrhaging’ as a critical national emergency that needs to be addressed in the here and now. I must assume that the President will return attention to it when all this other seditious nonsense is resolved.

Fed lost control – that’s a good one! Since the Fed was a Ponzi scheme to begin with – we should hope it lost control! The real question is – will a Constitutional Monetary System prevail in its place? We don’t need anymore financial soap operas. A rational legal constructive monetary system is available if all parties come to their senses. It’s very simple really – expose the corruption, prosecute the corruption; then go forward with a scientifically logical and ethical monetary system by which we will all win and the future of humanity can be secured. Just get rid of the psycho-criminals and their influence in American Society and Politics; then we will all win. Money is an artificial contrivance; it can be changed by consensus at any time there is the intelligence and will to change it!

Let’s consider the reality of this impeachment sham. The demonicrats epitomized by Pelosi Schiff Nadler et’al know ‘they’ are lying, making stuff up and leaking bogus material to their fake news networks in order to corrupt public opinion – ‘they’ know this whole ‘House of Cards’ is a sham. So, it is a two fold political gambit – for the ‘demons’ it provides a tactical distraction from real news; and for the Trump Administration it is a total exposure of long term demonicratic criminal corruption. It’s a contest ‘to the death’ of one party or another. Now it’s time for the Supreme Court to exercise its Constitutional powers and put an end to this Congressional travesty once and for all. We are waiting with baited breath for the hand of justice to act on behalf of Constituted legal due process – to move – if the Nation is to survive this psycho-political abuse of everything that is sacred to America! Pelosi and her scam agenda is absolutely disgusting…..

‘They’ are all hoarding and spending the Fed’s funny money until the jig is up! Any transition to a new monetary system – like what the U.S. Constitution legally provides for – would include the most comprehensive audit of the Fed’s Ponzi scheme economics and exposure all these [DS] players who have been cashing in on it. This is the most logical way to go forward. Those criminal psycho-politicians who have been ‘cashing in’ must be held accountable in order to genuinely reconcile a new monetary system. So, we’ll see; and soon I suspect! It’s clear enough what needs to be done – the question is: ‘Will it?”

The mainstream [MSM] fake news and social media is a mass mind and thought control operation overseen and run by Globalist Corporations. It goes back in illustration to the Pesharium which defines three levels of scriptural interpretation within which the secular or common level is an orchestrated or traditional fairy tale. Same thing goes for its modern equivalent with techniques of ‘official’ or ‘accredited’ information sharing today. Depth Psychological Propaganda, Marketing and Advertising is its foundation. Our National Security and State Secrets platforms control what the public is allowed to know and think; and now with a zillion channels of mindless disinformation that keep the public mind in perpetual ‘want’ and mental chaos. All the ‘official’ cover stories for World Wars and False Flag Operations, Political Assassinations, Climate Hoaxes, Pseudo Scientific Academia and the like are operative in our current scenes. What we are witnessing in our Congress, especially with the House ‘Impeachment Hoaxes’, is demonstrating this millennia old process of public mind and thought control. The climax of this operation would result in a violent deconstruction of traditional and cultural forms of human ethics and morality. Our world is the invention of these principalities and no matter what the people think their thoughts are not their own. What will prevail against this worldwide psychological subjugation? That remains the quintessential mystery of our times. The Time of ‘Revelations’ is at hand!

The question still remains – how are you going to show the public what is really going on? The problem is the MSM [DS] controlled media mockingbird fake news and public disinformation which has been saturating the public mindset with deliberate distortions. Those who are addicted to the [DS] MSM mind control programming need to become aware of real news and fact based public information. How do you take down the [DS] MSM? How do you take down [DS] Hollywood? How do you shut them down and replace them with real news and fact based public information? That’s where the correct target resides.

In the 50’s (Post WW2) we had a pseudo scientific basis for common sense. True – much of real science was suppressed but the scientific method was in vogue and so there appeared to be some rationality in the public debate. Today we have miscreant “identity politics” in the public debate – which is the very definition of insanity. This is no accident – this madness has been cultivated by the [DS] over many decades and propagated by the [DS] public and social MSM (CNN MSNBC ABC CBS PBS NYT WaPo and all their Mockingbird Press and Media Affiliates) to the extent of an aborning disintegration of the United States as a Constitutional Republic projecting the final enslavement of its people through these thought and mind control social media devices. This is the challenge of our present time; it’s demonic by the very definition of the word; Satanic by the very traditions of Biblical Scripture imbibed over the course of millennia. We are not threatened by ‘Space Aliens’ but rather by ‘Demons in our Midst’ who have always been there throughout human history. We are threatened by [DS] ‘demonicrats’ who are monopolizing their nefarious agenda into our political, cultural and social institutions.

Time for the Supreme Court to act upon Constitutional grounds against the corruption that is so now obvious to anyone apprised of the real world facts and with at least one braincell operational. What’s going on in the House is a National Disgrace.

Here the demonicratic accusation is that Trump ordered an investigation into Joe Biden “for political purposes” and yet this is the entirety of what this impeachment scam is all about – to manufacture dirt on and make up false stories about DJT – in order to discredit the Trump Administration by corrupting public opinion regarding their political opponents? Once again this is ‘Projection 101’ – and for some obscure reason they can’t be held accountable for their false statements and insidious actions while the president is to be held accountable for any and all of their fabricated fake news and false accusations against him? The radical lunatics are psychotic regardless – so no form of forensic fact or logical reasoning would impinge upon their malevolent madness. This whole charade is a National Disgrace.

We must assume that the caricatures we see emulating as these House demonicrats most specifically Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff Jerry Nadler Chuck Schumer and all those on the forefront of this House Impeach 45 scam are all criminally psychotic. Except in their world the common law doesn’t apply to them because they’re on a psycho-pathological mission to destroy any sense of political or social sanity in the spirit of Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, which is about as anti-Constitutional as it gets! How then are these psychotic creatures even empowered to be in The Peoples Congress? They represent only the most vulgar criminality anyone could possibly imagine and yet they claim the merits and morals of the U.S. Constitution? Certainly the average American has watched enough movies to know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are right? These caricatures are imposters. They lie, they deceive and they betray the citizens of our country in order to enrich themselves, their families and associates at the citizens expense. They are all globalist carpetbaggers who represent occult (secret/hidden) interests. Perhaps now is the right time to sort these caricatures out! In a court of law with all the forensic facts and credible witnesses at the table for everyone to see – to see them for what they really are!

It seems that Californian popular sentiment conforms to the brainwashing that’s being done by Demonic Corporate Mass Media and Hollywood Saturation Propaganda i.e.: CNN MSM PBS etc. Mockingbird Press Social Media Fake News and Public Disinformation as it has terminally contaminated their constituency’s brains with such irrational nonsense. What we are declaring is real news and factual public information – the forensic facts of due process – the truth – to present the facts in courts of law, in public information events, over public mass media presentations – and let the forensic facts speak to the public’s intrinsic common sense. Right now the majority commentary on this platform is utterly psychotic and devoid of real world facts or reason; and if this psychosis becomes the majority mindset the U.S. Constitutional Republic as written and its proclaimed inalienable rights of human kind is doomed to a Globalist Neo-Feudalistic Corporate Thought (mind) Controlled Slavery into a hellish end. These are the stakes in the 2020 Presidential Re-Election. I can’t believe that the majority of people in California are that irredeemably stupid. I don’t believe it – they just need to awaken from their implanted ‘Trance State’ mindset to see the truth before it’s too late!

If this demonicratic legion is pushing the U.S. into a Constitutional Crisis due to its own criminal corruption – there would be legitimate grounds for declaring Martial Law and Military Tribunals – as this is a matter of sedition and treason that has infiltrated the Congress to this point of existential confrontation. CNN and MSM is entirely complicit so the modes of delivering the real news and public information need to supersede the Corrupt News Networks – the Corporate News Networks which are the mouthpieces for the [DS] Swamp corruption and their criminal vested interests.

The House demonic-rats impeachment and media scam is the most disgusting public event I’ve witnessed since the Obama’s first inauguration spectacle. There were disgusting events in previous administrations but today this demonic-rat-ic obscenity is the worst and a total insult to Patriotic American Citizens bar none. President Trump knows exactly what kind of corruption he’s dealing with – he knows what’s true and what’s false – so he sees through all their lies and seditious treason because he knows the forensic facts. The question is how will the citizens know the forensic facts with demonically controlled MSM Fake News and Public Disinformation Mockingbird Press and Social Media Censorship saturating the public mind with lies and simply ‘made up stuff’ that continuously portrays the Trump Administration in an erroneous bad light? It’s now a matter of getting the real news and forensic facts – the truth – into the public spotlight on a bypass of the Corrupt News Networks (CNN aka ‘The Swamp’ etc.) – this is the challenge immediately ahead.

You demand Schiff’s phone records what you’ll get is a fraudulent copy. Is there no one in Congress that has a quanta of rationality? Doesn’t look like it! They are all threatened by something we aren’t supposed to have a clue about. Time to find out what ‘it’ is!

The Congress especially the House is predominantly psychotic with criminal vested interests. Great – so it’s all right on script. This world is a narrative manifestation. Language, like computer programming, is a binary codification as it’s language that brings on worldly manifestation. DNA is a binary codification. The ‘dichotomies’ of creation. Now, how about Q? Decodes? – whatever is happening is right on script. Individual interpretation according one’s level of understanding is a wild variable from person to person but is statistical quanta in masses. I observe the mystical imagery in ‘Revelations’ as equivalent in technological forms especially information systems telecommunication media and artificial intelligence with aborning quantum computing. It all matches with real-time correspondences. There is no doubt we are in the thick of it today! Understanding is imparted or imbibed through Divine Resonance.

Markets will crash on their own fraudulent account – anything – event – can trigger the crash but it won’t be the event that causes the crash as the crash is implicit with the monetary policy. The crash was inevitable from the start in 1913. Just a matter of how far this criminal Ponzi scheme could be promoted as U.S. monetary policy.

Great – so it’s all right on script. This world is a manifestation. Language, like computer programming, is a binary codification – as it is language that brings about worldly manifestation. DNA is a binary codification. The ‘dichotomies’ of creation. Now, how about Q? Decodes? – whatever is happening is right on script. Individual interpretation according one’s level of understanding is a wild variable from person to person but a statistical quanta in masses. I see the mystical imagery in Revelations as equivalent in technological forms especially informations systems telecommunication media and artificial intelligence with aborning quantum computing. It all matches with real-time correspondences. There is no doubt we are in the thick of it today! Understanding is imparted or imbibed through Divine Resonance.

Rules for Radicals versus the U.S. Constitution (which provides for a Congress) and legal due process in which these demonicratic radicals don’t legitimately abide. These seditious illegal and radical participants should be forcibly evicted from Congress by any and all legal means and prosecuted for their crimes of imposture.

As I recall it Saddam provided a comprehensive report on all his NBC WMDs but it was the sources of these from the U.S. and UK as well as Russia that needed to be scrubbed for the sake of ‘National Security’ – what was wanted was a fabricated pretext for a U.S. invasion of Iraq and these sources would have given their whole war game scenario away so those portions of Saddam’s report were withheld from worldwide scrutiny. “They” are all liars. We are living the consequences of their lies. It’s time for an expose’ – a time for a real change in their pathological agenda.

The Fed represents the Crown and Bank of England. Such a scam! Americans are then conscripted as a mercenary force to do the Crowns bidding – divide and conquer with perpetual wars and world wars for which not only are Americans conscripted but they are tax burdened to pay for all these foreign wars out of the U.S. Treasury and America’s natural resources. These are not America’s wars – they are Crown wars by design. There is no greater evil in the world today than this!

I suggest you talk to those uniformed services that have been fighting this human and drug trafficking for decades now to see what they need and recommend in this regard. Go down to the border regions and talk with them. See what they need and then do something to provide what they recommend. The source of this problem is clearly demonstrated by the seditious vested interests represented in this ongoing House Impeachment Scam – these criminal interests are the culprits and they need to be fully exposed for who and what they are.

God is Truth. Falsity is the work of Satan – Rule by Deception – Rules for Radicals – MSM Fake News and Public Disinformation for a psycho-criminal geopolitical agenda. What could be clearer than this? The facts are circumstantially relative – but facts are facts and lies are lies. A Legal Constitutional Judiciary is compelled to acknowledge forensic facts as ‘truths’ – as factual statements about time place form and event and not ‘made up stuff’ by deceptive and seditious parties bent on cover ups and for enriching themselves and their relatives at the Peoples expense.

Very interesting – first time I hear some acknowledgment that people who have been following MSM CNN etc. Mockingbird Media don’t know the forensic facts and need some kind of a public introduction in this fashion – just allowing these facts to play out in real-time public exposures with the most expedient timing. It’s coming down to the wire!

I’ll take your word for it! Can’t stand the MSM fake news and public disinformation because when you know the forensic facts it’s so contrived it’s disgusting to the point of ad nausea. But what of this coming IG report seems everyone in the know is expecting to be another demonicratic whitewash because Horowitz is a [DS] ally? Everything coming from the NYT source is wall to wall ‘stupid stick’ – without question – along with Schiffty Nancy Pelosi’s House ‘twilight zone’ proceedings. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the real story is…….

Sounds concocted by HRC’s good friend and partner in crimes against humanity M. Fethullah Gulen. Ask Rudy G. about this character! No doubt G. Soros is in on this #4 ‘impeachment hoax’ too! And no wonder the demons are going after Rudy G. What’s coming next is going to be crazy to the max…..

Alfred Lambremont Webre suggests that Donald Trump is the ‘Anti-Christ’ imagine that! I think that’s totally nuts myself. But all these things are converging in our time and the time appears to be now…..

So what it’s all funny money anyway. It’s a pseudo-economy. Might as well spend it until the bonfire and then establish a new equitable standard. I guess it just is a topic for endless pontification. Nothing equals nothing in the end. DJT is doing something with that nothing until there’s nothing left of it. Then the financial system changes.

One thing is for sure in these recent ‘House’ demonicratic scams – it’s not the people projecting these bogus judicial proceedings. It’s unelected [DS] bureaucrats who have vested interests in their criminal psycho-political game along with their CNN MSM PBS Mockingbird Media that’s fostering popular consensus ‘trance state’ public mindsets with orchestrated saturations of ‘projected’ fake news and public disinformation gaslighting. Just who is behind this seditious apparatus? That’s the 64 billion dollar question of the hour! This election year 2020 will be the most pivotal in American Heritage.

Reviewing what is transpiring over the past few years with this demonicratic impeachment scam and its CNN MSM Mockingbird Rhetoric what I see is a deeply imbedded [DS] fake news and public disinformation culture – all these seditious talking heads are some kind of miscreant twilight zone that has permeated American society. All these nonsense talking points pontificated in endless performances in the daily news and on the talk shows and SNL type comedians endless discussions and debates about fundamentally nothing more than seditiously prefabricated nonsense. What kind of a culture is this? It’s utterly offensive and degrading. Utterly despicable! What kind of a future for America is being projected by such an abysmal standard. Endless authoritarian gaslighting babble. A ‘Tower of Babel’ of elitist pseudo-intellectual psycho-pathological political criminal corruption. How does one ‘throw the off switch’ to put an end to it?

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