MSM comedic CLOWNS

What will these demonicrats think of next? The President had been on the job all night. All the intel I have subsequently is that Iran was allowed to stage their missile strike to save face to their people. This arrangement was arranged through strategic back channels. We were informed about the strike in advance and prepared for it. In actuality there were no casualties intended and no real damage caused by the strike. Press TV initially reported in state run news that 60 Americans were killed and several American helicopters were destroyed. Totally bogus story but it was picked up by VT CNN and MSNBC etc. who spread the story accordingly through their MSM comedic CLOWNS cultivating all the World War Three hype. It was another dramatic expose’ of the [DS] apparatus! It was an impressive piece of diplomacy and Peace was its objective. I say Very Well Done to the President and his immediate advisors and staff! Very similar to the last American missile strike on Syria – there were no casualties and nothing valuable was hit – was done for show and diplomacy. You can make of it whatever you wish! These are the real world facts. Soleimani had to go as he was a threat to the Iranian people as well as to America, Israel and the rest of the world. Not war but peace was served. Demonicrats are criminally insane psychopaths. MSM comedic CLOWNS propagandizing their seditious pseudo-intellectual crap to pervert the American Mindset. These mass media whores need to be taken down! Define the real Enemy of the People. Darkness to Light…..

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