It’s The Crown Stupid

It’s The Crown stupid! ‘Demon Speak’ is the Royalty’s ‘Pillow Talk’ as its whispers infiltrate into the common think now streaming with quantum tech through scripted MSM celebrities spinning an AI World Wide Web of AR multimedia social networking. We have now evolving radical lunatic leftist ‘demonicratic’ constituencies as tributes to the primal madness of our mere mortal human’s miscreant passions. But it’s The Crown that hates Russians, not the people, stemming from some Royal Tradition tracing back through centuries old bloodlines. Today we are caught up in the (Royal’s) Soap Opera of our Modern Times – but that being merely a contextual transformation of a primordial Royal complex. And now here we are witnessing this Royal Storyline playing out in the U.S. Congress just as it is scripted for the MSM public press in ever more realistic contrast than even mythical renditions of ancient civilizations. It’s all about the Crown!

About 2012 Convergence

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