Schiffty Tapes

Another Schiffty ‘tape’ – OK so where is it? And now a book about what ‘Bolton Says’? Everything with the Impeachment Scam is proving to be a fraud. Fraudulent witnesses and whistleblowers, falsified statements, fraudulent phone calls and transcripts, fraudulent ‘evidence’ (manufactured planted evidence), fraudulent testimonies with endless fake news ‘leaks’ steeped in fraudulent ‘facts’ and allegations of made up crimes – when does some common sense come into this miscreant picture? Shut this Demonic House Majority Impeachment Scam Down NOW!… and send the demonicrats a bill for their criminal psycho-political waste of the taxpayer’s time and money. I’d expect a settlement sum of at least ten billion dollars – as from all I’ve witnessed that’d be a fair invoice for perpetrating this three plus year fraud upon the American People! Adam Schiff and Party are abusing our Republic and the Constitutional principles for which it stands. They are disgraceful enemies of America’s rule of law and ethical due process. Schiff’s alleging every ‘grave national injury’ is a projection of precisely everything these demonicrats are themselves guilty of. Schiff is the very definition of a National disgrace.

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