The Infinite Way 2020

“The seeker of Truth begins his search with a problem – perhaps with many problems. The first years of his search are devoted to overcoming discords and healing disease through prayer to some higher Power or the application of spiritual laws or truth to these mortal conditions. The day arrives, however, when he perhaps discovers that the application of truth to human problems either does not “work” or does not work as it once did, or else he finds there is now less of satisfaction and inspiration in his study. Eventually, he is led to the great revelation that mortals put on immortality only as mortality disappears- they do not add immortal spiritual harmony to human conditions. God does not create, nor does He control material affairs. “But the natural [human] man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

Joel Goldsmith

On reincarnation. The fact remains that when and wherever a child is conceived there will be a person with a unique personality reflective of and characteristically dependent upon their unique circumstances of birth. This is egocentrically true for one person or ten billion persons. The ‘Soul’ is the omnipotently willful omnipresence of God and characteristically omniscient in relativistic terms of particular and peculiar self-identification with each and every distinct personality – specifically a ‘unit’ of self-awareness experientially capable of self-knowing and self-determination (willfully acting or reacting) within its own uniquely particular and peculiar circumstantial reality of being as ‘one with’ or ‘resonant with’ the individual in a unique expression of the universally creative living principle of ‘I am’ (as this or that dynamic life-form) in the world. The ego complex is a psychological personality construct – a dynamic experiential ‘point of view’ perspective but the ego is not the soul but rather the soul’s divine capability to assume a relativistic personal self-identification. The individual ego personality disintegrates with the death of the carnal body. The soul nature is eternal. Time is a continuum of being that begins and ends with each life cycle. There are karmic (circumstantially inherited [i.e. genetic]) entities of psychological expression (including spirits and demons) that conditionally ‘transmigrate’ but these are not the soul which is the timeless ‘static self’ of divinity within the infinite oneness of God.


Now we find ourself in a paradoxical situation – for faith in the divine inevitability supersedes any egocentric considerations of oneself as an individual person. What power do I personally have; or rather what responsible obligation do I have within the overwhelming scheme of this world in its process toward the future. Acceptance of the Divine Reality is beyond human comprehension and at some point of personal reconciliation one must just ‘go with the flow’ and willfully submit to a higher purpose beyond one’s human imagination. This level of acceptance brings peace of mind in knowing that ultimately everything (past, present and future) is as it’s divinely meant to be; and in this light realizing that what we need to know for our lives is divinely provided through one’s inspirational intuition.


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