Demonicrats and all the rest of us

Demonicrats are a product of human history manifesting for our times from ages immemorial; the very fact that they are the way they are as a matter of fact has a scientific basis – so too the fact “we” exist as we are – this is our reality. Do these entities even think that they are doing something immoral when they lie to their constituencies as they promote a false picture to deliberately mislead the public? Perhaps, in their psycho-pathological minds, they believe this is how occult arts of political science are to be performed when “do what thou wilt” shall be the whole of the law along with ‘rules for radicals’. Psycho-politicians are governed by a criminal code amongst their psycho-criminal cronies. In their psychopathic minds they’re not doing anything wrong when committing crimes against humanity or when they are committing treason because this is the way it must be done in their psycho-political opinions. How could it be otherwise with these demons? To them “We The People” are their enemy when we represent potential resistance to their demonic agenda. Humans are considered valuable only to an extent that they can be hypnotized and brainwashed into submission and then kept socialized in a coercive subservient “trance state” of mind completely under demonic mind control. Demons are not doing something morally wrong for which they can be corrected; they can only be exposed and arrested; and then restrained from committing further crimes against humanity. Just how do we establish our ethical conscience of right and wrong with coherent ethical and moral judgements and due process when there are nonhuman demonic entities without a human conscience who instinctively rise to positions of political power and exert their arbitrary authority over us? Psychopaths (nonhuman demonic entities) instinctively rise to psycho-politically dominate unsuspecting populations because they think in ways that are incredulously incomprehensible to common human ways of thinking.

About 2012 Convergence

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