Star-gates 101

Star-gates: Fanciful nonsense in terms of transporting human biological bodies anywhere but where they are biologically adapted to live. The human body is a part of the ecology of earth and is not suitable in any other environment – lord only knows where people imagine going in the universe in a ‘Star Trek’ romanticism. The body can only exist (live) in its native environment. Sending it helter skelter off into the universe to whatever imagined off world destination simply doesn’t make any realistic common sense. What exactly would be the purpose for going there in a human body that requires the highly specialized life support ecology of mother earth. What exactly is the relevancy of transporting human bodies anywhere beyond the highly specialized biological continuum of mother earth? The life support requirements are a logistical nightmare and the living connection being intimate to the earth is vital to keeping the human body alive both physiologically and spiritually – but it won’t be sustainable within inhospitable alien environments elsewhere in the universe.

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