Anatomy of the Crown

These [DS] (Crown) demonic genotypes are appearing throughout human history in sacred scriptures because they all have the same genetically engineered proto-typical inheritance or ‘bloodlines’ formulated from their non-human progenitors who have been mythically referred to as ‘The Immortals’ or ‘Gods’ – having contiguous psychological lifespans and primordial histories that extend for tens of thousands even millions of years. Their manifestations keep reproducing themselves in the patternings of their Gods. It’s only prophecy in a relative light. These non-human progenitors manifest themselves as civilizations and empires just as, for metaphoric example, the Queen (actually King) Bee is manifested in its colonies or hives. This becomes a repetitive cycle in this world over seemingly eternal spans of time where countless human generations come and go with the likes of you or me!

About 2012 Convergence

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