Egocentric Reality

The human ego – which becomes the self-identifying focal object of the personal individual – projects itself in terms relative to the physiological characterizations of worldly oriented human reality. The Universal Realities are incomprehensible due to inter-dimensional orders of magnitude. A person born on earth is part and parcel to the earth’s ecological system which is a very precisely maintained environmental matrix. Space Opera is really an unrealistic Science-fiction Romanticism suitable only for entertaining storybooks. There’s no realistic place for the human body in outer-space. The human condition on earth is a karmic circumstantial complex of human birth. The human evolutionary philosophy is flawed in this critical respect. One needs to establish what preexisting game plan one was born into as the best indicator of their psychological indoctrination and integrated egocentric sense of reality programming. One’s compelling sense of personal self-identity is, in reality, just a psychological construct – the ego and its personalized characterization you imagine your self to be. This realization is where the whole karmic facade breaks-down. Why do I feel I need to do the things that have been habituated over all the years of my life to date – what is the metaphysical point of being this habituated concept of what it means to be me? As you step out side of this self-habituated frame of reference you begin to sense a bigger picture, a picture that involves the entire human race (and beyond) – where it comes from, its ‘cultivated’ purpose for being and its projected future. I must ask myself – just how my personal egocentric self-concept fits into this bigger picture? Our personal lives are about dealing with the specific set of preexisting ‘circumstantial factors’ or the existential matrix that’s relative to our lifetime in this world. The human body isn’t going to get you out of it! What’s so important is the karmic significance of your sense of being and what you feel you need to do to deal with your life just as it is appearing to you. It’s up to you what you make of it! It’s an idiosyncratic process unique to each personal reality. Anxiety is a byproduct of one’s sense of personal confusion. So if you are feeling anxious it would be advisable to consider this feeling with some appropriate introspection to determine just where this sense of confusion is coming from. The ending is inevitable no matter what so this inevitability provides realistic contrast. One should not feel anxious or at a loss for things over which they’ve no personal control or responsibility. The ultimate lesson is that what we are searching for isn’t ‘out there’ but rather right where we are and all around us all the time no matter where we might think we are.

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