Quantum ‘Q’ Planning

NWO Psycho-politics Mass Media Programming and Social Cultivation of the Public mindsets. One must wonder how ‘Q’ has planned to deal with this quantum complexity. ‘Run it’ through ‘AI’ and see ‘its’ game planning models, waddda ya say! We’re dealing with [DS] ‘occult’s’ ‘world cultural tapestry’ since time immemorial. All their ‘archetypal’ character actors and role models are there. Today we have celebrities and sports idols. The Mainstream Mass Media Propaganda machine has gone ballistic! The entire social mindset matrix is ‘entangled’ with these Hollywood and Sports ‘virtual reality’ characterization role models – how does one ‘untangle’ this? And…. what does one end up with? I can see what’s happening and the Biblical magnitude of it – but I find any real solution to be incomprehensible. Only Divine Providence can provide a solution here! Perhaps that’s the case….. To date it’s always been the ‘Royal Family’s’ generational ‘fairy tale’ reality projected into the cultural tapestry of current events. Just what will replace it?

About 2012 Convergence

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