Dead Giveaway of a Hidden Agenda

Corporate [CNN MSM] mockingbird gaslighted scripted fake news propaganda and public disinformation complicit with the demonicratic [DNC] congressional psycho-political characterizations demonstrates without question that the [HCV] ‘pandemic’ is a geopolitical orchestration. If there was any genuine patriotic sanity in the House such a critical issue would have bipartisan cooperation with the most rational direct and scientific discussions on how to most effectively address and resolve this crisis instead of the obvious politically affected psycho-drama partisan theatrics that we have been witnessing. This congressional with mockingbird media ‘acting out’ with inflammatory gaslighting rhetoric is a dead giveaway that the [HCV] ‘pandemic’ is the ‘working out’ of a covert Globalist [NWO] agenda; and is an ‘orchestrated production’ engineered for the implementation of worldwide totalitarian ‘police state’ modeled protocols enabling a global dictatorship in control of the entire human population.

About 2012 Convergence

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