Joe Biden Dementia Syndrome

Let’s compare Joe Biden (including Obama) or ‘Bernie’ and DNC debate talking points to reality shall we (just to determine what’s really relevant in the world today) “50/50 on that?” How about the Fed Ponzi scheme inevitable financial crash JFK RFK MLK LSD HIV Opium (drug) Wars 9/11 Depleted Uranium Open Borders Illegals and Forced Mass Migrations DEWs 5G “Climate Change” Hundreds of Millions of Deaths and Mass destruction of Nations and Cultures CNN MSM and Congressional and Mass Social Media ‘Psych Warfare’ Fake News and Public Disinformation. And now the HCV ‘pandemic’; just to name a few. Question: What do these all have in common? The Common Denominator? Are these all just natural “Acts of God” or random coincidence? There’s absolutely nothing “50/50” about it. Overwhelming incontrovertible forensic facts; centuries of background information exists – the truth is out there. No question about it. You just have to find it. Forget about your “many thoughts and theories on this” – you just have to put the existing real world pieces together to see what “It” is. President Trump is taking care of business in the real world while these psycho-political nutcases are spewing out their lunatic nonsense.

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