The End of Time

A unique circumstantial quotient initially qualifies one’s instinctual reality – as a child we are a cultivated product of our familiar environment. We are compelled to desire the objects of our societal indoctrination as we progress along a set course of many stages and cycles. We also progress in our experiential knowledge and wisdom to a point where we begin to reflect upon the more ‘mysterious’ aspects of our being and divine purpose in creation. I do comparative research out of curiosity and an innate desire to know with a clear understanding of the causes for everything happening in the world of events that are dynamically unfolding all around me. One instinctively feels a responsibility to contribute their fair share as a matter of community but as I am aging into senior years I’m seeing this world in a different light with a growing sense of detachment from all previous motivations. It’s a “been there; done that” to the point of no interest or return to any of the premature illusions of my past. The most significant thing for living anywhere in this world and under any conditions is a sense of purposeful connection to wherever you are and for whatever you are doing. Today I see myself as a divine witness – as a knowing witness to what is really going on. I have come to realize that there is nothing I could personally do externally in the world that would change the Karmic course of millions of years of human history and with that understanding spiritual intuition becomes my guide. My personal life is a self-delusion that is evaporating in the Divine Light of Spiritual Truth – especially as death becomes the inevitable reality. As one ages older their circumstantial factors gradually disintegrate as personal relativities of people, places and the things of one’s generation gradually fall into obscurity – yielding to the aborning generations concurrently taking place.

About 2012 Convergence

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