The Inevitable Collapse Function Curve

The existing international economic systemic collapse was inevitable and follows the collapsing financial Ponzi scheme perpetrated on the world by the [DS] (Crown) world banking system and its international (globalist) corporate bankers. Geopolitical world depopulation is built into its future forecasts. Analyzing its complexity of functions reveals its non-sustainability. Just look at the unsustainable complexity of global production and logistics; of sales and marketing; of goods and services; especially the agricultural sectors. Scientific selective ‘culling of the human herd’ was inevitable. MSM cultivated human perception is a colossal ‘fairy tale’ of exploited egocentric self-delusion mixed with lunatic self-importance all of which patently heralds the inevitable collapse due to superfluous and redundant economic components including people. World Health factors alone (such as pandemic obesity and mental illness etc.) consequently demonstrate impending and imminent ‘manmade’ global crisis.

About 2012 Convergence

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