Co-Opted Outcome

Let’s spot a ‘forensic’ common denominator to all this psycho-political [HCV] lunacy. The [HCV] ‘Pandemic’ was preplanned and deployed on a predetermined schedule coinciding with the collapsing Fed Ponzi scheme financial economics – regardless of any local political affiliations anywhere in the world today. The only [HCV] variable here is that ‘She Lost’ [HRC] but if she hadn’t we would be seeing all of Pelosi’s ‘added inapplicable’s’ that we see in ‘Phase 3’ and more – representing the lunatic leftist’s ‘Green New Deal’ etc., etc. Just what we are seeing now. Conclusion is implicit in all the above. This is what we are witnessing. President Trump and his Administration have now co-opted the final outcome of this [HCV]’s long term preplanned and cultivated Agenda. The [DS] is the common thread. The inertia of these [DS] plans and initiatives preceded and were ‘inherited’ by the Trump Administration. For example the real-world geopolitical magnitude – national and global – consequences of the [9/11] ‘Operation’ over the past 20 years. The preexisting ‘geopolitical’ inertia of the [DS] Agenda and its real-time ‘work in progress’ has now been co-opted by the Trump Administration. Logically a reconciliatory transition of these preexisting [DS] programs couldn’t happen any better way!

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