Co-Opting an Evil Apparatus

I think that President Trump has co-opted a preexisting global network of a vast complexity. These so called ‘bad guys’ bad as they are still hold all the strategic strings at the WHO and CDC as [DS] proxies. Considering that AIDS HIV is also a manmade epidemic just as the HCV and a host of others – the idea is to co-opt the existing apparatus along with the existing directors (and the plans already in the works for decades now) as they hold all the institutional connections. These are not characters that can simply be replaced by ‘good guys’ because these foundations don’t work like that. It’s the [DS] controlled connections that need to be severed. Co-Opting these Directors is perhaps the only way to do what needs to be done to start deconstructing this globalist anti-human apparatus. HCV is a bioweapon and this needs to be acknowledged and prosecuted. The next custom coded virus deployed could be catastrophically deadly. These perps need to be stopped dead in their tracks or the next attack will be deadly for real! One can’t cure this problem without identifying its cause.

About 2012 Convergence

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