Dear Brent

Dear Brent, Now, I just want to clarify, I’m not talking about speculations or opinions – may God rest on this presumed inalienable right! One is endowed with abundant creative imagination and profound skills of artistic expression – this is clear and with no doubt. I’m not an artist but I’ve had my experiential share of this modality. I’m an engineer, or a scientist by nature and always curious of all existential phenomenon. The ‘Ego’ is such a fascinating thing. But it’s not my focus. ‘Ego Death’ is basically a psychological deconstruction of this world of mesmeric temptations. Speculations formed upon a mixture of mass media (such as I’ve previously defined it) in concert with the establishment’s university of considerable misinformation (mass public disinformation) – also absent of logically (scientifically) sequenced forensic facts and real world evidence (omitted data) spun into endless syllogistic euphemisms doesn’t cut it for me because it obscures rational conclusions and just generates cerebral confusions. I draw my conclusions from multiple sources of time true tested reliable forensic data that bears itself out in an understanding of ‘precisely’ what is actually happening today in our world; and this has nothing to do with any philosophical speculations. The human mind is engineered to be ‘programmable’ right from the moment of conception; and that programming can be anything the ‘progenitor’ engineers or [DS] ‘programmers’ indoctrinate (‘education’) ‘us’ to believe when we are children. We are subliminally coerced by the ‘establishment’ to believe in its program. Certainty of Knowing is beyond such beliefs and speculations. It’s a matter of perception, perhaps even extrasensory, for fully understanding what one is experiencing and seeing in their own right. One’s perception needs to be factually informed; otherwise there is a great mystery and endless philosophical speculation about it – perhaps makes for great entertainment and ‘story telling’ as well as myriad artistic works of any genre; but it is of little practical use in coming to terms with the real world existential crisis we are facing. Humanity is being attacked by a very real, and a forensically factual and deadly enemy – an enemy that must be clearly and definitively identified. Speculation has no place in this equation – especially when the actual confrontation is at hand. This enemy is insidiously clever at disinformation and misdirection which only feeds endless ‘wrong targeting’ speculation and mass confusion. The focus here is to break out of this mass deception and see the Truth. What is the Truth? Well it’s not of this humanoid dimensional speculation thats for sure! Truth is Archetypal. It is a Static. What ever that might mean to you. It means there is always the Truth of our existence and then there is all this creative speculation about it that now makes up the world we are living in. Seek the Truth in whatever equation, whether it be forensic, or scientific, or metaphysical. The Truth is the most unique element in this universe. God is Truth; and in terms of our current language programming. It is the ‘Proto Indo European’ linguistic source – but that is always going to be a personal interpretation. That’s the ‘Ego’ in a nutshell – if you get what I mean. The Soul is not the ‘Ego’. Ego is a psychological apparition of one’s sense of individual personality. The Truth supersedes the ‘Ego’. The Truth is what resolves all the forensic mysteries. Yoga Meditation brings one back to the Truth of their assumed existence as a distinctive personality. Suffice to say that we are living through very paradoxical times and I think that it is important now to differentiate between ones ‘Ego’ and their ‘Soul’. The ‘Soul’ perhaps is sort of an extra-terrestrial consideration but it is the ‘Soul’ that does the significance of considering. The human body is a terrestrial experience. You can make of it whatever you want. It’s basically an experiential process that has been going on for millions of years. From generation to generation – and what we’re now talking about is genetics, the genetic code and DNA. It’s a process of manifestation engineered by non-human progenitors eons ago. You are participating in this process of manifestation along with all those countless quadrillions of people who have preceded you – and left you with their legacies. One needs to eventually return to their source. I don’t know if you understand this but I will keep doing what I’m doing in the hopes that everything eventually comes together as it should in its proper time and place. Love, dad

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