Status of Genetic Engineering

Homo sapiens was genetically engineered and look what we’ve got today! Myriad species including domesticated species especially pets and plants have been genetically engineered by primordially advanced technologies. It is stated that the level of technological capabilities vested in [DS] ‘projects’ is at least a hundred years advanced over what has been released into the common sectors of today’s societies. We can just imagine what’s in store for this global depopulation program and by what bio-tech means these [DS] programs have developed for this agenda. Reflective ‘back engineering’ studies and ‘cures’ active in the common sector are rudimentary processes compared to [DS] potentialities. Primordial progenitors of our human race genetically engineered all sorts of designer species and breeds in real life pets and beasts of burden as an ‘art form’ compared to the commercial artificial stuffed animals and now techno robots being marketed into the mainstream today.

About 2012 Convergence

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