[HCV] and 5G +

It’s now more than obvious this [HCV] virus is a [DS] preplanned ‘scapegoat’ for the health defects of 5G. The virus is more a smokescreen for different elements of an agenda thats being implemented under cover of this ‘plannedemic’. It’s also a mass distraction and diversion away from the 2020 election campaign season. Perhaps the most significant element in this op is the global monetary / financial / economic reset and geopolitical restructuring that is now taking place. The principalities implementing this totalitarian agenda don’t want ‘the people’ to associate health symptoms with 5G or notice that a totalitarian infrastructure is being set in place under the guise of this ‘plannedemic’ – which is another issue in its own right – (including eugenics and selective depopulation) – whatever. There’s certainly a connection between the virus and 5G in this respect. These operations are all geopolitical devices. Like all the past and current world wars they’re geopolitical organizing principles or dynamics – all premeditated and preplanned by the ‘powers that be’. 5G causes respiratory problems amongst other serious health issues.

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