ET Divergence

This where I diverge from Steven Greer. I was a CE-5 in 1965 as he describes this type much later in 1998 perhaps, not sure of the date he first published. My first encounter was in 1965 when I was 14 years old. Lived at the foot of the highest point in Monroe County outside (SE) of Rochester NY. My interaction with this craft was spontaneous and utterly ecstatic but the ‘telepathic impressions’ compelled me to understand. That became my purpose in life. You want to interact with these ‘beings’ – well this is how it works. We are all here for a divine reason. It has nothing to do with the human ego or humanoid psychological projections. I became a founding member of L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘Sea Org’ after honorable discharge from the US Navy in 1973 as I considered that Ron (LRH) had the answers to my questions at the time. Was involved in the Federal Case against the Church of Scientology especially MarySue’s Guardian’s Office and resigned from the Sea Org when Ron passed away in 1986. I had a second CE-5 encounter Spring of 1991 up along Mountain Home Idaho plateau after so many experiential years of discoveries. It’s an Infinite Universe so such relationships have infinite particulars and peculiarities but this relationship is more real to me than anything else in this world to date. I don’t know what you are looking for but it seems to me whatever it may be – it’s right before your eyes, as generic as the living earth – but it’s up to you to cultivate the capability to perceive and understand it in terms of the divine reality. I remember Daniel Sheehan from the Contra days and the Christic Institute, but am not clear of his interaction with the Church of Scientology as was not privy to know about the lawyers involved. I learned a lot from my ‘SO’ experience but am not a Scientologist as such since 1986. I knew many of the original members. For whatever that is worth! Am familiar with Jack Parsons’ connection with Aleister Crowley. As well as much of the B1 FOIA material that was a part of the Federal Case as it was released in the COS’s Freedom Mag. This is representative of a relationship with ET! It’s an ongoing journey. It’s up to oneself to perceive and intuitively understand ‘telepathic communication’ forms.

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