Ego Motivators

Ego Motivators psychological personality program programmable and suggestible ‘trance state’ personality complex and construct of self-identification social status and privilege. Compare the Soul. Ego Motivators subliminal influences temptations emotions passions desires cravings addictions hunger attachments carnal abuses dreams of ideal scenes and possession. Psychosomatic diseases depression and mental illnesses. Ego Mind Control ‘problem reaction solution’ dialectics and other-determination competition and hierarchical subjugation. Self-characterization role modeling ‘winning valence’ conformity and societal modalities. What do I want for ‘me’ versus what ‘others’ want or demand from ‘me’ dialectic social interactions regulated with traditional collective and communal requirements. Egocentric Self-protecting and Self-serving Human Individuality. Self-delusions ‘Maya’ Dementia Obsessive Compulsive Personality Syndrome. The ‘I’ qualified ‘I am this’ distinctive personal individualistic Self-identity.

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