Obama’s Psycho-Political Smirkiness

Re: [CNN MSM PBS NPR NYt WaPo USAt] (etc.) mass social media ‘Mockingbird Fake News’ and [DS] scripted propaganda. A 24/7 seditious ‘song and dance’ act has had decades (millennia) of experience in manipulating and controlling public mindsets. It’s what ‘they’ do; and what ‘they’ get paid very well to do. Mass Public Deception is the name of the game. Level of Truth is the defining character of this insidious operation. It’s not that these ‘mockingbirds’ are stupid or ignorant of the facts – they are paid to act out (dramatize) their [DS] propaganda scripts. These are [CLOWNS] (Court Jesters) that have nothing to do with real honest journalism or facts; that’s just not their job description these days. The [DS] prepares ‘their’ fake news scripts and they act them out with a characteristic – seems they all went to the same acting school – while mimicking Obama’s ‘elitist’ criminally seditious psycho-political smirkiness!

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