The Celestial Clock is Ticking

I’m familiar with Planet X circa the 1980’s when Sitchin published. Today things are so psycho-politically and criminally entangled one wonders if U. S. Constitutional law really means anything nowadays. I’d considered that the current geopolitical and national storylines and public contests are actually cover stories for this underlying inevitability; and especially what’s ‘really going on’ with this HCV ‘planned-demic’? Then, just what to make of ‘President Trump in 2020’? along with all the patriotic and constitutional rhetoric; whether the ‘Spirit of 76’ is a realistic political philosophy in light of such imminent worldwide catastrophic ELE’s. Perhaps the geopolitical stakes are still much the same regardless of the present times and one is defending the most optimum and viable political social economic ‘organizing principle’ for future contingencies and human generations, all things considered. At some point I want to return to meditation and the Yoga Sutras considering there’s no better ‘time tested’ way to deal with these catastrophic potentialities; but the knowledge and drama of all of this ‘end time’ commotion is much too compelling – just can’t let it go! Not just yet! There are myriad ‘races and beings’ involved with terrestrial scenarios than just the human race! Humans are, shall we say, characteristically and circumstantially homo sapiens – with human ‘egocentric absurdities’ acting out (dramatizing) their idiosyncratic parts on the ‘modern world stage’ while the cyclical celestial clock is ticking down the months – days and hours – until the next major ELE event.

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