Sad to Consider

Sad to consider that anyone would support such a HRC/MRO ticket. I mean – that’s utterly and forensically – insane! Governor Cuomo has been prominent during the [HCV-P] ‘thing’ – and Hollywood is going wall to wall crazy behind the ‘fake news’ scenes with its shows – so its celebs are also its candidates. MSM needs to be shut down as it represents the ‘alternate reality’ of Hollywood Culture for the viewing public that participates in its shows as a way of life. A real ‘existential’ crisis would fracture the Hollywood mindset because serious professional common sense minds would need to come together in order to deal with it. Obviously the [HCV-P] – serious enough as it is – is not at that level of crisis – for if it was these ‘demonicrats’ would be behaving differently! Core Media. Lamestream Media. Fake News Media. Not an accident. Entirely preplanned. If this was a real existential crisis – the political and social response would be entirely different. This is bio warfare 2020! It’s a deployed geopolitical instrumentality. Entirely ‘game planned’ – tyranny on the half-shell! The whole ‘thing’ is a scam – if you could call it that. A monumental scam – like 9/11. People die in this scam – by the millions eventually – but they’re enough clues to kill a herd of elephants in a china shop. One has to wonder…..

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