The Hidden Reality

The hidden problem here is that those entities responsible for this bioweapon / mass depopulation agenda have much more lethal versions that they can deploy. It’s entirely possible that this latest round was a test run – preparatory for their next phase. This is their ‘ultimate solution’ for the [NWO] totalitarian tyranny that they have been planning and progressing toward for many decades now. They did [HIV] back in the 80’s – so we know what they can do. Exposure and International Court for Crimes Against Humanity are proper jurisdiction but these are the same principalities that staged WW One and Two as well as Korea Vietnam South and Central America Africa Afghanistan and the Middle East. Wondering what the current geopolitical reality is on this hidden agenda. The entire ‘Official’ World History must be rewritten according to forensic facts and the Truth!

About 2012 Convergence

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