Spiritual Correspondence

We (I) experience and understand (interpret) the world through human carnal senses most acutely through visual imagery. The question arises “but what if you are blind or if you are dead?” What then is your ‘spiritual existence’? We perceive by ‘seeing’ a reflection of sunlight off the objects of our attention and psychologically ‘process’ forms as images of intentional objects within our mind as holistic ‘interpretations’ of visually ‘encoded’ sensory signals acting like a kind of ‘attentional radar’ where our sensory reflection (data) produces an experiential ‘objectivity’ with its corresponding spiritual significance and understanding. Human cognition processes carnal sensory experience (knowingly or unknowingly) resonates in correspondence with its spiritual significance in accordance with one’s intuitive understanding. Knowing the meaning and purposeful significance of experiential objectivity should be acknowledged as an intelligently creative manifestation of physical ‘form and function’ by recognizing that essential ‘truth’ (omniscience) ‘abides’ (omnipresence) ‘within’ higher realms of other dimensional dynamics with spiritually corresponding understanding of experiential reality – i.e.: what ‘experiential objectivity’ actually is (signifies) through ‘its’ intrinsic morphogenesis (creative resonance) with ‘its’ contextual spiritual correspondence. So, where does this become one’s consideration of higher dimensional realities? We (I) are perceiving our carnal ‘human’ experience within ‘abstracted’ understandings (of personality) as ‘seen’ through the ‘dark lens’ of a circumstantially programmable egocentric bias. In Divine Reality the ’emergent’ morphogenetic ‘creative essence’ resonates ‘contextually’ (is present with) its corresponding spiritual dimensions.

About 2012 Convergence

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