What We are Seeking

Infinite Consciousness is as infinite as the Self. Self-Consciousness is one’s most intimate and Divine Relationship – where the Divine spiritually defines and informs one’s unique personality lifetime ‘within’ this world. Books are a journal of a writer’s personal experiential journey – an expose’ of their discoveries and cognitions. Each of ‘us’ is writing their own ‘book of life’ from one’s own characteristic perspectives. Human life expresses an ‘artificial construct’ where creative ‘form follows function’ within the circumstantial capabilities and ‘mental capacities’ of one’s life on Earth. Spiritual potentialities are infinite in orders and magnitudes of creative expressions and reality manifestations – which are self-evident communal functions i.e.: in the creation of ecologies and civilizations. Consciousness implies the Divine Nature of intelligent creation (by design = living ecologies and civilizations) with intelligent experiential integrations according each individual’s circumstantial ‘point of view’; One’s Soul is one’s most intimate connection and relationship with the ‘Divine Order of Things’. It’s this relationship that we seek as seekers of the Infinite Truth that lies at the Heart of all experiential reality. Not to be found in books but in the very dynamic essence of one’s being. This is where Spiritual Understanding ‘comes from’ inherently – the omniscient understanding that informs all the natural creative expressions and functions of life itself. Divine Love is the Essential Unity and Oneness of all Creative forms of life and ‘personal’ experiential reality. This is the Living Source and Soul of Self-Consciousness (of itself) which involves and informs every ‘particle’ of one’s ‘personal’ (egocentric) experience as a human being within its uniquely prescribed circumstantial matrix. The ‘ego’ is one’s ‘game piece’ in the world – characterized (personalized) by its unique set of human circumstances and relationships (of birth and death) – this is the ‘matrix’ in which one’s personalized reality manifests and exists – the existential (forensic / scientific) matrix within which human reality exists. Transcendence involves a process (a self-determined practice) that brings about a full understanding of one’s personal complexity within the context of one’s creative source. The ‘Great Mystery’ is the ‘Infinite’ steeped in finite forms ‘dependent upon’ their uniquely particular and peculiar circumstantial (prospective) realities (point of reference) – these episodes are all conditionally instrumental to the process of ‘Self-Realization’ as one’s ‘ultimate reality’ is realized through the Transcendence of Self-Conscious Understanding of the actual Divine Truth of One’s particular and peculiar ‘moment’ of experiential being. ‘Enlightenment’ is a dynamic process of Self-Knowledge ‘seeking to know’ where ‘Ignorance’ is a conditional state of ‘Not Knowing’ – consequently not understanding – which is an ‘instinctive’ condition of ‘seeking to know’ what one does not know or is pretending to know – presenting itself as a condition of confusion and consequential psychological mental chaos due to attachments to endless cascades of ‘arbitrary’ (socialized) indoctrinations and spurious opinions.

About 2012 Convergence

This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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