Comic Book Reality

We are faced with an existential paradox. Is the human race anything more than a cosmic joke? What is the significance of the majority of the human population or its arbitrary economic status in the universe? The human mind ‘brain’ is programmable ‘garbage in equals garbage out’ as far as that mental programming goes. And, that’s about all there is nowadays; mindless miscreant garbage saturation of the public and political mindsets. What is the point of all this lunatic nonsense? Where is the human race heading with this pathological psychosis that’s ruling the collective reality of the human masses? What is the intrinsic value of human life? The reality is that a person is born due to the arbitrary interaction of their parental family within the preexisting ‘traditional context’ of the social communities in which they were born. A person is indoctrinated and psychologically programmed and mind controlled from cradle to grave by the preexisting establishments and cultural institutions – in actuality this dramatizing personality ‘egocentric obsession’ is a ‘psychological phantom’ acting out a planetary psycho-drama of lunatic fantasies on a worldly stage in a globalized theater of the absurd. One needs a divine connection to something higher than this ‘comic book’ existence. One needs an intuitive connection to the source of human sanity – truth and inspiration – otherwise how is a person to have any rational sense of reality in a crazy world such as this?

About 2012 Convergence

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