Bigger Fish To Fry

I don’t know what the ‘majority’ of the people are seeing or where they get their scripted opinions – from long time reliable sources (all senior citizens today) to the ‘alt news’ and patriotic social networking – this patriotic generation today is lightyears ahead of primordial generations – and they are seasoned veterans of globalist wars as well armed with intelligent techno-savvy intercourse that’s way beyond my ways of thinking. President Trump is demonstrating extraordinary integrity up front and in the face showing ‘no fear’ of the psychopathic evil that’s previously dominated the [WH] – with the likes of [BHO] who is always deceptively hiding behind covert [NLP] psycho-political memes amidst a smoke screen of seditious late-nite celebrities who carry on with his ‘smirking in the shadows’ facade. Of course there are ‘bigger fish to fry’ in the [DS] (aka Crown) globalist agenda so it’s gonna be real interesting what ‘they’ will pull on the planet next…..

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