The Soul’s ID

Everyone’s ‘Soul’ has a Divine ‘ID’ in the sense that it has One’s unique resonance pattern in Creation. The soul is transcendent over timeless lifetimes. Today we have the Holy Prophetic Scriptures emphasizing ‘Revelations’ just as real-time events are unfolding with Hi-Technology (superimposing upon the mythical imagery of ancient times) into our Modern World realities of today. What this unfolding portends in our modern experience is ‘The Beast’ as it is artificially manifesting itself with ‘AI’ and Quantum Computing Global Networking which is creating a specific ID database with the ‘Mark of the Beast’ that now identifies the uniquely personal soul through tracking means spanning many lifetimes of identifiable characteristics and social behavioral patterns – not dissimilar (or unrelated) in effect – to tracking one’s ‘DNA’ and its familiar genealogy. We see that as long as this artificial ‘Beast’ has power it doesn’t forget and so the ‘Soul’s ID’ is its ultimate object record; and this is exactly what we humans are ‘revolting’ against throughout all human history as we know it. This now presents an unmistakable match as it becomes the cosmic ‘police record’ of one’s soul artificially mimicking the ‘Divine Reality’ for Satanic purposes. This is what we see unfolding in the world currently. It is evident to me that all the pieces of the mythological puzzle are falling into place along with a portrait of what we can begin to realize in our ‘current future’ timeline. Apparently we, as humans, have the power (decision / free will) of ‘self-discipline’ to change the course of this current reality by ‘self-realization’ or ‘Yoga’ accomplished through a conscientious practice of timeless meditation techniques. I can personally attest this practice is ‘on the path’ to what ever one is seeking on their own ‘Path to Enlightenment’ or ‘Self-Salvation’.

About 2012 Convergence

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