Antifa Condemned by Decree

Trace the premeditated violence of ‘Antifa’ back to George Soro’s ‘Color Revolutions’ and ‘pseudo islamic terrorists’ deployed by agents of the Crown and it’s geopolitical agenda. I’m surprised Mad Maxine Waters isn’t out there cheerleading her miscreant constituencies onto ‘terrorist acts’ of riotous violence, mayhem, social chaos with American disintegration. It’s about time some legal common sense prevailed in the execution of U.S. Constitutional Mandates for a just political society. These psycho-political criminals need to be exposed and then legally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the common civil law and due process of the United States Republic as it is written – this psycho-criminality and treason are High Crimes and Misdemeanors and must be seriously dealt with as such or the ‘Spirit of ’76’ will be extinguished while human dignity suffers its worst defeat in the history of this world.

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