Return to Yoga (0606.5)

I need to focus on my mindfulness practice and disengage from the psycho-political spectacle that is currently in progress. My mind is a mess, my space is a mess – it’s time now to focus on my personal condition. After my truth is my Karmic Reality and the real ‘birthright’ work of my lifetime in this world is to ‘dynamically reconcile’ that unique truth with an intelligently personalized Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Practice.

Now I feel intensely angry and disgusted with the people I see around me as well as knowing the heart and soul of spiritual ignorance from my own lifetime of experience – the way people are mindlessly indulging in their egocentric characterizations – this ‘shadow personality’ that is their ‘Karmic Truth’ behind their masks of social normalcy.

The value of human life is the integrated significance of the masses according to scripture and / or geopolitical philosophies in vogue. A matter of how I engage the plights of others. There are ‘Social Contracts’ that promote ‘Philosophical Ideologies’ with myriad variations of political themes and timelines. These are all ‘artificially manifested’ components of the underlying ‘Karmic Reality’. This is not ‘predestination’ per se because of ‘Free Will’ or the random arbitrariness of egocentric ‘self-determination’ presenting discretionary variables due to personal decision making as a process of the Infinite Nature of Creation.

A matter of conscience. The Conscience of Self-Consciousness.

I must disengage my reactions to other people. I have no designs on other people and no desire for any close or intimate relationships as such always back myself into a corner of constant compromise of my personal reality as I’m compelled to ‘adjust’ my ‘Karmic Reality’ to suit another’s expectations of me. Under these conditions I’d rather not get ‘entangled’ in another’s expectations of me.

As far as the inalienable rights of humankind I can’t see how these can account for the ever present catastrophe of mass human suffering born of the consequences of abject ignorance and psychotic and irresponsible animalistic sexual / reproductive behavioral characteristics which are causing unimaginable conditions of suffering and desperation amongst destitute populations across all levels of social strata. Factors of conscience and compassion can’t be a terminal reconciliation for these Karmic conditions. It seems there is no real-time answer as to the ‘absolute value’ of human life versus natural life and Divine Creation.

I must apply ‘self-discipline’ to my own egocentric ‘monkey mind’ chatterbox of thinking. Just ‘let it be’ is the mantra. Maintain the equanimity of mindfulness meditation posture in and for everything thing I am doing and experiencing. Do not allow myself to become psychologically ‘entangled’ with reactive self-talk and emotions. Do not become engaged or entangled with other people’s ‘Karmic Problems’. They have their own unique ‘Karmic Reality’ (destiny) to fulfill. People need to ‘arrive’ at their own unique level of self-inquiry and realization based on their own intuitive reception and it’s not up to me or of any of my personal concern or expectation unless , of course, they impinge, invade or encroach into my ‘personal space’. Let intuitive common sense lead the way forward in this environment.

Consider the ‘Psychological Components’ of human egos and their lifetime interactions with other human egos (society and world history at large). Look at the presumptions of egocentric ‘self-importance’ in terms of self-identity; which includes how others socially identify with you.

Compare my participation and / or contribution to the collective reality and my significance in the bigger picture is realistically negligible. The technological complexities of the world preceded me – this is about presumptions and entitlements. Look at the circumstances of my birth and life to date and I can’t claim any intrinsic self-importance in the bigger picture.

I should not allow myself to overreact over what other people are dramatizing – their Karma is unique to them just as my Karma is unique to me; it is – what it is – even if or when I feel disturbed or angered by it. It really isn’t my business and my reaction doesn’t amount to anything. People are ‘acting out’ their self-deluded parts. I must regard all these reactive phenomena just as I must regard all the chatter in my mind – to just observe what the ego is really doing in any situation with the detached equanimity of meditation practice.

Unenlightened people are ignorantly reacting according to a mind controlled mass media programming script personally interpreted through an arbitrary bias of emotional cognitive dissonance. You can’t have an intelligent or even constructive interaction with such people because they are only mindlessly dramatizing their elemental programming. In short there just ‘isn’t anyone home’ where these people’s mindsets are at. They should just be ignored like hungry ghosts. They are a walking psychiatric insane asylum that thinks they are AWOKE! Imagine that!

The rule is to practice meditative equanimity without any expectations or prejudice – to simply be the practice and do the practice – and even this goal of clearing away all the reactive chatter so that divine intuition can be in its place seems counterintuitive.

Don’t engage with self-criticism – just allow / let all thoughts and thinking activity to go on about its way like the weather – like the chattering of birds – mindful meditation posture is the Peace of Samadhi – one’s entirely natural state of spiritual being – at home wherever no matter what the present moment circumstances are.

Human Nature is characteristically ‘human’ in all of its particulars and peculiarities; HE&R – these egocentric ‘attitudes’ and ‘dramatizations’ are part and parcel to being human and they will be what they are no matter what are the criticisms or ‘evaluations’. It’s a matter of self-identification – A=A oriented to the human body and its parts – form follows function – and genetic engineering. Humans are humans just as they are as a hybrid species – just as a bird is a bird and a fish is a fish – a cat is a cat and a dog is a dog – a mouse is a mouse – a human is a human with all its characteristic ‘human’ absurdities. One must understand oneself and one’s interactive relationships with others – just as it is – without arbitrary and prejudicial ‘attachments’. Just let what is be just as it is without ‘personal’ entanglements.

Acknowledge that Karma is in effect for every person. Karma is not ‘bad or good’ it simply is a person’s unique ‘circumstantial quotient’ (personality ‘ego’ complex) and what defines the dynamics of their human character within all its relative ‘birthright’ relationships. This is the underlying ‘personal truth’ (whether known or unknown; or whether acknowledged or unacknowledged) of their character. Human ‘artificial reality’ manifesting in ‘the world’ is a ‘Karmic Composite’ (experiential) Reality. One should understand and simply allow that truth to be – what it is as it is – with a transcendental knowingness.

Being a ‘Seeker’ is my intuitively driven ‘Prime Directive’. In this practice all HE&R drama falls by the wayside. Drama is Drama for the sake of Drama. It’s all social dramatizations and only a ‘fool’s game’ to engage and become entangled in all such human madness.

Mindfulness Meditation Practice is fundamentally a matter of the self-discipline to apply a Yoga Process beginning with observing the body and body-mind complex of emotions and reactions ‘re-stimulating’ a cascade of ‘reactive thoughts’ – think thinking – and psycho-somatic ‘feelings’ and ‘urges’ to do this or that….. We set the body down in a Yoga Posture and differentiate from all this carnal commotion with unconditional uncritical unaffected unreflective non-expectant (objectless non-specific non-ulterior motivation) observation (open-ended conscious concentration) in a state of ‘natural peace’ and equanimity (calm abiding) of the ‘Soul-Self’ within the (Infinite Divine) static (eternal) ‘stillness’ of timeless spiritual (higher or ‘omni-dimensional’) infinitely abiding awareness. This is the Practice.

Each person has their idiosyncratic karma to ‘work out’ over their lifetime and it’s not up to me to assert or entangle my idiosyncratic karmic ‘point of view’ upon another person unless I’m personally invited to give my opinion about what I see is going on; or if called to act or assist out of compassion for another’s immediate plight. It is best to keep to myself what I know from personal experience because my statements will just be misinterpreted ‘out of full context’ (in ignorance of the comprehensive facts) resulting only in arbitrary misunderstandings colored over with opinionated rhetoric.

Define Divine Principles of: God (is) Truth Love Creation Purpose Intention (the Will to Be) Being Life Soul Self Consciousness Knowledge and Understanding. What is God? What is Truth? What is Love? What is Creation? What is Purpose and Intention (the Will to be)? What is Being? What is Life? What is Soul? What is Self? What is Consciousness? What is Knowledge? What is Understanding? – in the universal tapestry of Divine Creation these terms are representative ‘names’ of the ‘infinite attributes’ of the One Divine Nature of which one’s self-conscious experiential reality is a ‘fractal’ (perspective) quotient of the Divine.

In the meditation posture there is this sense of grounding – a sense of being ‘at home with myself’ no matter where I Am in this world. It’s an open attitude of ‘Acceptance’ for the ‘circumstantial things’ being just as they are. Wherever I Am ‘in the present moment’ is where I Am – and all the suffering and confusion notwithstanding is a factor of self-deluded ignorance and misperception (resistive misunderstanding). I ground my feet in the earth like the roots of a planted tree – and I expand into the atmosphere of light – fully opening up my ‘self-awareness’ to the natural details of my immediate environment. Compare ‘human understanding’ with the ‘natural understanding’ inherent within all the lifeforms of Creation and Living Ecologies.

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