X22 Dave

X22 Dave I’m lightyears ahead of what you are saying but is encouraging to hear your strategic perspective with the exposure (Revelations) of the evil principalities that infiltrate the best laid schemes of mankind – including the U.S. Constitutional Republic. I trust this is ‘Q’s’ perspective. I don’t see any other ‘source’ explaining ‘it’ like you are doing. One logical step at a time. And you host EIR – and perhaps the Space Force and Human Space Opera? Now that’s real ‘physical economy’ if the human race can manage it! The real problem now is MSDNC’s control of corporate scripted propaganda – fake news and misinformed social media. How does one officially communicate the truth to the masses of people on a national and global basis in a way that they will recognize and understand? Seems you are doing your part! But the masses are hypnotized and living in a ‘trance state’ (Artificial) reality. That’s a metaphysical ‘gordian knot’ of karmic (quantum) entanglement ‘modern’ technological apparatus notwithstanding. 9/11 is a prime example. The whole world is a stage….. Infinity is the standard. This 2020 election season is at the very least as significant as the original founding. ‘Immortals’ think in terms of the rise and fall of Civilizations over the course of millions of years. Humans have been ‘engineered’ with a ‘slave’ mentality for hundreds of thousands of years. Our times are truly extra-ordinary to be sure! Many ‘eyes’ are watching!

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