What Will Be Will Be

One thing you can say is the human race, such as it is, is happening, just as it is. Now, what does it mean trying to make sense of it, just as it is? It’s not a sensible thing ‘all things considered’. One must wonder where all this insidious nonsense is going and for what ‘higher purpose’? The idea of the ‘American Dream’, like the ‘Family Farm’ and self-sufficient agrarian communities, is obsolete considering the times we are now living in. What’s going on here and now is what’s going on and it’s disturbing in light of what we now commonly understand about the nature of the universe. The only thing that seems real is this chaotic human condition and the geopolitical state of the world – such as it is. Which fundamentally makes no sense beyond the fact that it’s a circumstantially consequential condition just as we are experiencing it; where we are called to ‘dramatize our parts’ according to a uniquely particular and peculiar ‘personal’ situation in life. Now, without modern technology’s ‘Trumpets of Revelations’ (as global telecommunications networking) how would we be able to perceive and know the true merits of scripture? Or, without ‘telepathy’ the ‘Messages’ of our scriptural ‘Prophets’? This is what we’ve now got now driving the collective mindsets all ‘in sync’ with the ‘Internet of Things’ (the proverbial ‘Beast’) at the hands of ‘artificial creators’ along with their demonic principalities. The global population is rendered dependent upon its networking along with its mind controlling operations being ‘orchestrated’ by whoever (or whatever) is directing current events just as we are experiencing them. Just what have ‘we’ (whoever ‘we’ are) to gain or lose in this preexisting ‘collective dramatization’ when one’s life is all about the ‘dramatization’ and nothing more? I can’t even imagine what an ideal or ‘successful life’ would be in a paradox such as this! One’s vision of success is always at the expense of others. Such illusions of success could only be understood as ‘entitled’ within the context of the ‘dramatization’ in a surrealistic ‘game condition’ played across a field of ‘arbitrary circumstances’ where no higher reality exists beyond the consequences of ‘acting out’ this ‘dramatization’. Is there a ‘rational point’ to continuing on this way beyond the fact of being born into this world as ‘human beings’ subliminally compelled to dramatize egocentric obsessions of one’s personal fate in contrast to all the other countless billions of people now living or the countless trillions of people who have lived and who will be living in the future? What exactly are we all living and dying for? How is one to understand this reality on a ‘personal level’? What more then is there to the ‘universal significance’ of human life? Upon these points the generic nature of Karma comes to mind as it best defines the human paradox as it actually reveals the ‘forensic truth’ of the current geopolitical scenario. There’s no right or wrong when it’s all the ‘Working Out of Karma’ which ultimately ‘will be’ just ‘what it will be’ no matter what happens or is done – when it’s all about ‘dramatizing’ one’s part – just as one is performing it no matter the consequences. It’s ‘I Am that I Am’ and ‘What will Be will Be’ based solely upon preexisting Karma reactively entangled with active decisions made relative to whatever ‘personalized criteria’ one decides for enacting each step of their generational experience. One surely must consider the ‘Collective Reality’ of humanity along with all the individual fates of everyone immersed within this world’s populations. One must then act within the uniquely ‘circumstantial context’ of their own life, however they imagine it to be, where there’s only ‘action and reaction’ in an elemental ‘cosmological matrix’ of preexisting ‘form and function’ conjoined with an idiosyncratic ‘psychological mixture’ of ’emotional dramatizations’ manifesting within an ever changing cosmic ‘kaleidoscope’ of probability functions. It’s upon these ‘conditional points’ I’m finding that a Mindfulness Meditation Practice (‘generic for prayer’) provides the only expedient means to one’s sense of ‘cultural sanity’ in this preexisting human equation. Understanding experiential knowledge and wisdom is critical to resolving one’s own ‘human paradox’. We are grateful to those who are maintaining timeless ‘Wisdom Traditions’ – for otherwise there would only be the perennial abyss of geopolitical chaos with endless orchestrated confusions of premeditated ‘mind controlled’ psychological conflict (wars) of socialized madness. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all (people) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Today ‘The Crown’ is obsolete and needs to be terminatedly ‘shit-canned’ into the dustbin of primitive history.

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