Demons are Real

Demons and Demonic Possession – very real – we see demonic expressions everywhere today. One can split hairs regarding definitions – but we are witnessing the very definition of demons manifesting right before our eyes everyday explicitly in the psycho-political ‘Hollywood Culture’ and it’s ‘scripted’ characterizations now affecting social media mindsets and as being promoted by the MSDNC – it’s all the presenting of the very definition of what a demonic (entity) actually is – just as personified by the current ‘demonicratic’ party of psycho-political deceivers. By standard definition: “A demon is usually thought to be a supernatural (non-human) ‘creature’ (entity) that is an evil spirit. Demons are often described as being summoned by someone, and then either being sent to do works of evil, or to create chaos.” We can see the actions of demons in the scripted daily ‘Fake News’ as a psycho-political operation in the chaos of violent protests and riots – in the looting and torching of communities and neighborhoods – in their rape and murder – and desecration of cultural heritage. All this is forensically factual. This is what demons do. Demons need to be exorcised back to the hells from which they came make no mistake about it – demons are real and they need to be treated as such.

About 2012 Convergence

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