Somethings not quite Right

Let me see how this works. The U.S. Military and its Armed Forces as the greatest Military Force in history – with a current budget in the (missing)Trillions of Tax Payer Dollars – but has been deployed over the past century by the [DS / Crown] MIC – Military Industrial Complex aka Globalist Corporations to service foreign interests; and now Vets are coming home to a homeland that (almost) doesn’t exist because the Enemies of America have been infiltrating across ‘open borders’ by the tens of millions with all the factions of drug and human (and sex) trafficking terrorists spies and enemy agent provocateurs and insurgents into the highest levels of the Federal State and Local Government – especially into the ‘House’ and its MSDNC operatives who are orchestrating seditiously scripted fake news promoting miscreant racial and anarchist riots in city streets also including the Capital – one must wonder what the Pentagon and DOD is actually purposed for if they have allowed the country to fall into the Hands an Enemy of psycho-political (demonic-rats) all criminals that have presumed themselves to be the de-facto Presidential Authority. Something doesn’t seem quite right here!

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