What ‘this’ is about

As I recall the last string of ‘prescient’ ‘Hollywood’ movies featured pandemics and the walking dead zombie themes of a premeditated dystopian future (like what’s happening now) – and it’s common knowledge that the [DS] telegraphs its agenda in this way. Just observe the evolving themes ‘Hollywood’ signaled over past decades. Now it’s ‘Trans-humanism’ integrated w/ ‘Identity Politics’ (SJW type ‘issues’) and that’s surely not a future worth looking forward to! In my opinion. Humanity’s now on their ‘chopping block’. That’s what ‘this’ is all about….. They’re showing you what their agenda is.

About 2012 Convergence

This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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