According to the Queen

According to the British Establishment the Queen or Ruling Monarch owns the entire planet. The national delineations are ‘concessions from the Queen’ and in principle no land of whatever distribution is ever really owned ‘independently’ by anyone. This is the guiding principle for USA Inc. which is a [DS] Crown Corporation (just like the ‘British East India Company’ or the ‘Hudson Bay Company’). All deeds are ultimately ‘concessions’ which are granted or can be revoked any time at the pleasure of the Queen who has ultimate contractual or legal jurisdiction. American’s heretofore have been given license to indulge their ‘American Dream’ which in reality is an exploited fantasy – just look at the Fed and the so called ‘National Debt’ – just who is this ‘Debt’ owed to? This is what Americans are up against with this seditious demonic-rat-tick ‘House’ of Congress and its MSDNC [DS] Propaganda machine.

About 2012 Convergence

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