American Dream Bygone

The ‘American Dream’ culture of postwar 50’s and 60’s is now fundamentally obsolete no matter how one tries to cut and dice current events. The Colonial days are gone, the settlement days are gone, the days of self-sustaining agrarian communities are gone – as we move into the Brave New Modern Age we see that ‘Resilient Cities’ and engineered ‘population reduction’ is in the cards. We’re in the midst of an advancing ‘Agenda 2030’ Globalist [NWO] High-Tech Networking Neo-feudalistic Corporatocracy for which the accustomed ‘American Dream’ no longer applies. So what are we ready and willing to give up and accept? I believe we are seeing this question progressing as we speak. The people are not privy to knowing ‘their’ (the [DS]) plan for them beyond what is being scripted and tele-programmed by [MSDNC] MSM Mockingbird public and social media.

About 2012 Convergence

This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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