Cause of Malignancy

ANTIFA SJW BLM are MSDNC (Soros) sponsored domestic marxist styled terrorist operations. These miscreant malignants and their malicious claims of ‘reparations’ and blaming and wrong targeting ‘white people’ (and everyday citizens) for their vile psycho-criminal natures need only look to their parents if they need to blame anyone for their unpleasant lot; it’s because of their parents that they were born into a toxic community environment; then becoming wards of a toxic educational environment and toxic MSM celebrity role models which instruct them to hate civil society and glorifying rioting burning destroying pillaging looting raping murdering ‘in revenge’ for their self-deluded ‘injustice’. What then is the ‘correct target’ for these dramatizing subhuman deviant’s complaints? Try returning to their ‘family’ genesis – it’s not white people of civil society that’s cause of their lot.

About 2012 Convergence

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