Michelle Obama Lies

Michelle MSDNC et’al lie. What’s news about that? Everything is a lie to this psycho-political Obama / Clinton camp. Lying is what they do…. (and they never retract when exposed)….. gives you a clue to their ‘polsci’ art of ‘manufactured’ narratives for MSM Mockingbird psycho- political effect. These MSDNC demonic-rats are factually promoting racism [BLM ANTIFA SJW] domestic terrorists et’al are all extremely racist creations. The race card issue is being ‘orchestrated’ by the MSDNC MSM Mockingbird machine. It’s just a simple common sense fact… DJT not good for ‘our country’? Whose ‘our country’ are we talking about here? Definitely not ‘my country’ – so ‘who’s country’ – whose do we mean – pray tell Michelle? Your MSDNC criminal syndicates of socialist marxists ‘open borders country’ with ‘celebrity’ black market human, child, sex, drug, terrorist, trafficking and illegal infiltrator’s future ‘country to be’ in progress – is that the ‘country’ we are talking about Michelle?

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