Working Definition of a Demon

What is the ‘working’ definition of a ‘demon’ and ‘demon possession’ – (literally) in real-time living terms? We’re experiencing a very real-time ‘Pandemic of Demons’ make no mistake. Scripture (of all the world venues) abounds in describing this in comprehensive detail; and this is exactly what we are witnessing – like a ‘floodgate’ to & from ‘demonic dimensions’ was opened and now what you see is what you get. The point is to define (name) what you are seeing. Demons are more than real in real-time in current events! One is warned not to make ‘deals’ w/ demons and their psycho-political ‘operations’. Demons portray & predominate the Demonic-rat-ic Party; the DNC = MSDNC & its MSM Mockingbirds ceaselessly rally calling to it’s maliciously ‘deviant’ constituencies. What’s now being witnessed in current events illustrates precisely just what demons are – how demons act (personalities) & what demons do. Now, if you want a demonic presidential administration go ahead and vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. What you see herein – is what you’ll get!

About 2012 Convergence

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