Seems to Me

Two very distinct personality types are emerging from this 2020 election process. We have: Humans (genetic indigenous native genuine patriotic spiritual – Holy) and Nonhumans (anti-humans trans-human demon possessed psychopaths – unholy) clearly dominating the 2020 election contest. We have a Natural down to earth people – pioneer – Patriotic spirits; and then we have the ‘Artificial’ – people actors dramatizing imposters with ‘artificial intelligence’ digitally ‘scripted & ‘staged’ [AI] (aka The Beast) orchestrating ‘artificial creation’ MSM [VR] ‘trans-humanism’ with its high-tech illusions promoting carnal & worldly temptations. With what’s now being ‘Revealed’ in real-time real-life current events -(Disclosure) – all those ancient ‘Myths of Old’ can’t hold a candle to this – ‘existential confrontation’! Seems to me the writing is clearly on the wall what this election is about!

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