Bush Era & 9/11

Reconsidering ‘9/11’ [FF] Hey! Bill & Hillary Remember Mena? Re: Complicit [DS] Generals; as ‘Carpetbagger’ Great Grand ‘Poppy’ Bush ran the ‘First American Merchant Fleet’ that was given its initial Concession by ‘The Queen’ [QOE] to Run Opium for the Crown’s 19th Century ‘Opium Wars’. That’s the ‘Bush Billions’ (financial foundation) and it has expanded into WW Oil Concessions Arms Drugs War Terrorist Human and Sex Trafficking. Special note: Afghanistan & Iran grow the most potent Opium Poppies in the World by long term ‘Opium Wars’ tradition. These Traitorous ‘Bush Era’ [PNAC] Generals covet these [DS] & Pentagon Vested Interests with Crown complicity in a nutshell! One might call it Treason! These [DS] generals have massive crimes against humanity and treason against Sovereign American Citizens. They all know what they’ve done. No wonder they would be plotting Trump’s demise. It wouldn’t be the first time…..

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