The Untangling

I see 1st hand over many years the effect that the MSDNC [DS] (scripted) MSM Propaganda Broadcasting has had on its viewing public which in turn becomes the social discourse (not to mention the advertising) and then becomes manifested into the society within its structural forms – such as we have it today portrayed in current events; events which are being continuously orchestrated by the same principalities. This MSM mind controlling content becomes entangled with the social structure and its official formulations (i.e.: in the schools and university accredited curriculum) and this becomes the conventional perception of official reality. Untangling this condition of society will take much more than a 2020 election; it will take a wave of reformation that would be a multi-generational project of the most historic dimensions! There’s much more involved here! Things much more definitive but as yet they would not be comprehensible in conventional human terms…..

About 2012 Convergence

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