What’s Next?

It’s getting surreal now – the MSDNC Biden scripted nonsense – who could be buying these absurdities. These incoherent statements that Trump is responsible for the fires of Climate Change (fires these demonic-rats set) and for BLM zombie terrorist riots that are ravaging burning and destroying American cities (riots these demonic-rats instigated organized and funded) and for all the Pandemic deaths (these demonic-rats false reported and exaggerated by a factor of 1600%) – these [CV19] phantoms are all Trumps fault? Utterly twisted inverted psycho fabrications – and this is Biden’s platform? It’s utterly psychotic. This madness is so obvious; and yet there’s a mass constituency of these malignant lunatics who actually believe this absurdity is reality because their MSM TVs are telling them it is so. What will happen to these malignantly deluded demonic ‘creatures’ when their party loses the election?

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