What’s Wrong W/ this Picture?

The United States and America is under massive attack from within & from without. With all the trillions invested in the DOD aka ‘Department of Defense’ – and the DOD is doing nothing? We have a 4yr ongoing [DS] [MIC] MSDNC promoted Coup against the duly elected President; We have cross border invasions of whatever criminals of every stripe; We have obvious [DS] MSDNC promoted bio-psy-op deployed w/ full ‘masking’ and ordinated civil lockdowns; we have Soros [DS] MSDNC promoted Civil War ‘Color Revolution’ terrorists riots burning looting raping murdering deployed in American City Streets; We have [DS] DEW scaler beam weather weapons flame throwing drones and arson deployed initiating massive forest fires and facilitating weather crisis over and over throughout the land and along the coasts. What the hell is the DOD doing about it? Nothing. What’s wrong with this picture?

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