53 %r’s VR TV

53% of voters get their ‘opinions’ off MSM [DS] (scripted) [VR] TV which is devoid of real intelligence and has nothing to do w/ common sense. “They” (MSDNC demonic-rats) will wait to see the polling numbers at the closing – and then “they” will scam the vote by mail numbers ‘big time’ – make no mistake – “they” have ‘contingency plans’ in the making to commit massive election fraud facilitated by corrupt ‘Clinton /Obama Era’ + [CCP] embedded judges. This is demonic-rat’s treasonous nature. So disgusting! MSDNC already doing a [DS] (scripted) MSM VR (virtual reality) public and civic mindset for CV19. Will do a [DS] (scripted) MSM VR ‘election cycle’ mindset to misrepresent the election polling. Yes indeed it’s the TV mind controlling the public perception ‘Seven Ways to Tuesday…..’ routine! Trust there are clear-cut ‘countermeasures’ in place to prevent this?

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