Demonic-Rats are Traitors

The Demonic-Rats entire obsession is to delegitimize the Trump Administration along with its public majority of American Citizen Patriots; with an agenda that’s dedicated to deconstructing the U.S. Constitution – all the while invalidating – obstructing – and undermining the Trump Administration’s accomplishments – with its decisive actions that are undoing Clinton / Obama Era ‘damage done’. These marxist Demonic-Rats are rabidly against anything MAGA – they are hell bent on destroying the American Republic along with its American Heritage. Demonic-Rats have treasonous as well as blasphemous criminal vested interests – and are Traitors to their ‘Oaths of Allegiance’ and ‘Oaths of Office’ – highlighting them as Traitors to the American People that they are elected and appointed to serve. Their Treason is ‘Betrayal after Trust’.

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