Recap 2020 Themes (0928.1)

NWO Totalitarian Censorship = Suppression = Enslavement of Humanity. This is the Demonic-Rat’s Platform and Agenda in a nutshell.

Every righteous thing is a bad thing to demonic-rats. Bad is what they do…..

These [DS] MSDNC Demonic-Rats – Clinton / Obama era functionaries – the whole cast in Congress ( Nancy’s House) and in Mainstream Mockingbird [DS] [SG] (scripted) Mass Media [CNN MSNBC ABC CBS PBS NPR Twitter FB YT & Hollywood Elite] – are (marxist) Infiltrated Enemies of the U.S. Constitutional Republic. They use the laws of the land and due process only when it is expedient to their plots and official justifications. Legitimacy is meaningless to MSDNC MSM as is the National Security; the only real crime they recognize is in ‘getting caught’ (exposure) in legal or public spectacles. They lie with impunity as they defraud the National Trust – there’s no morality; no justice ‘right & wrong. It’s all the same w/ them. What we are witnessing is what they are. Criminal Psychopaths infiltrated into ‘official’ positions of power. This is ‘Nancy’s House’.

Critical Target = Exposure is one thing = Communicating Forensic Exposure to the People is another. The MSDNC [DS] (scripted) MSM Mockingbird [VR] Fake News / Censorship (contrived) with Public Disinformation Controls the ‘official’ [VR] mindsets promoting instigating & fueling mass cognitive dissonance w/ violent social & civil chaos by design – this is the Mass Media Obstacle to the ‘Awakening’. How will the People know anything if this MSDNC MSM [VR] ‘official’ Propaganda Machine is all they see & believe? The Mode of Mass Media Communication is Critical! We’ll keep plugging it – MSDNC MSM needs to be ‘officially’ Disenfranchised. MSDNC MSM Treason and Sedition is the Critical Target!

Demonic-Rats are malignant miscreant obscenity empowered by a marxist divisively racist dialectic ideology insidiously promoted throughout the University System and by MSDNC MSM [DS] (scripted) Mockingbird TV Radio Movie Hollywood Elitist Celebrities cultivating riotous social disease and generating civil chaos. What else to expect from mind controlled ‘Soros’ [OSF] puppets?

53% of voters get their ‘opinions’ off MSM [DS] (scripted) [VR] TV which is devoid of real intelligence and has nothing to do w/ common sense. “They” (MSDNC demonic-rats) will wait to see the polling numbers at the closing – and then “they” will scam the vote by mail numbers ‘big time’ – make no mistake – “they” have ‘contingency plans’ in the making to commit massive election fraud facilitated by corrupt ‘Clinton /Obama Era’ + [CCP] embedded judges. This is demonic-rat’s treasonous nature. So disgusting! MSDNC already doing a [DS] (scripted) MSM VR (virtual reality) public and civic mindset for CV19. Will do a [DS] (scripted) MSM VR ‘election cycle’ mindset to misrepresent the election polling. Yes indeed it’s the TV mind controlling the public perception ‘Seven Ways to Tuesday…..’ routine! Trust there are clear-cut ‘countermeasures’ in place to prevent this?

Quid Pro Quo Joe is being protected from his criminal complicity & prosecution as the MSDNC Presidential Candidate – (see: Hunter Biden Indictment) – so long as Joe ‘plays out’ his MSDNC role he (aka DNC) is ‘protected’ – but he’s not their ‘real’ candidate. W/MSDNC everything is ‘Faked News’ [DS] (scripted) [VR] MSM [TV] Reality. Who is the MSDNC going to be ‘protected’ next? Michelle? Hillary? Mystery Candidate?

Any real-time forensic evidence of MSDNC MSM [VR] vote fraud (especially by DNC’s premeditated ‘vote by mail’ scam) [FF] election rigging or acts of terrorism committed against voters at polling stations (or anywhere registered voters might be) renders the Demonic-Rat’s vote ‘null and void’ and the Trump Team Wins the Election by a Majority and w/ the Electoral College vote by Default. Case Closed! Treason has Consequences!

“The President will accept the results of a free and fair election. I think the question is more fitting to be asked of Democrats who are already on the record saying they won’t accept the result of the election,” said McEnany. “I think your question is a better question for Democrats,” she added. “The President will accept the will of the American people.”

Obvious MSDNC collaboration w/ China’s cyber tech (back door) abilities to affect voting system + MSDNC ‘Vote by Mail’ scam; vote harvesting; faked votes; fake ballots; electronic & paper ballot vote ‘switches’; ‘terrorist attacks’ on polling stations; votes ‘lost in the mail’; ‘harvesting’ votes from mental institutions & prisons; from nursing homes & dead people (or on life support); from recently deceased CV19 victims; teenagers; street people & illegal aliens (terrestrial & ET) – & demonic spirits & ghosts from underworld. Generate massive confusion & chaos obscure legitimate votes & delay final count until no longer relevant. These demonic-rats [DNC] must be getting desperate w/ obvious reputation for deception & fraud as we’ve clearly seen over past four (aka 16) years. Protect & Defend US Constitutional Republic against Enemies both Foreign & Domestic! Go w/ Voter ID! Be correctly informed. Participate in every way you can. Solution is on the table. Sanctify the People’s Vote!

China CCP was the ground zero WHO MdRx ‘totalitarian model’ (bio-psy-op) for what would then be mandated as a worldwide tyranny. Being diplomatic about this global travesty seems out of place in this case / understanding. The forensic facts speak for themselves…

The Mandatory wearing of face masks is a [bio-psy-op] orchestration. These paper / cloth coverings and designer face masks are a [DS] mind control op w/ clear sign of conformity – a MSDNC MSM (scripted) Mockingbird TV induced ‘Trance State’ public mindset – These paper face masks provide no protection from any virus in reality and are a serious psychological and physiological (proven) health risk – respiratory obstruction (inhibited oxygen flow and germ and bacterial repository). The [CV19] ‘phantom statistics’ have been deliberately false reported and exaggerated by a factor of 1600%. Totalitarian’ Face Mask wearing actually promotes / precipitates serious viral and bacterial infection in wearers! To say that Trump is to blame for all the Pandemic deaths (these demonic-rats false reported and exaggerated by a factor of 1600% is bs – these [CV19] ‘phantoms’ are all Trumps fault? What utterly twisted inverted psycho fabricated nonsense – and this is Biden’s platform?

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